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Tomorrow's primaries

ALASKA: The Anchorage Daily News recounts Thursday’s debate between Sen. Lisa Murkowski and her Republican challenger Joe Miller: “Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Thursday night accused Joe Miller of lying about her position on health care. Miller, for his part, said she supports abortion rights and other things that aren’t in the Constitution.”

ARIZONA: The AP notes that McCain has turned the “vulnerable label into front-runner.” He has done it, in part, by spending some $20 million on the primary and by recognizing the potential threat early.

The Hill with a similar headline: “McCain poised to crush Hayworth on Tuesday.”

Bloomberg News examines the implications of Sen. John McCain’s reversal on the issue of immigration: “a McCain victory would come with a price beyond the more than $19 million he has spent for the primary: support from onetime Hispanic allies; the ‘maverick’ persona he has promoted in his four terms in the Senate; and his ability to compromise with Democrats in Washington.”

FLORIDA: The Miami Herald writes of tomorrow’s gubernatorial primary: “Tuesday's election will culminate a bitter four-month contest between self-financed newcomer Scott and longtime politician McCollum that saw record spending for a state primary campaign - mostly by Scott, who has written checks for more than $30 million to blanket the state's TV airwaves with his commercials.”

A Mason-Dixon poll shows Bill McCollum with a 9-point lead over Scott and Rep. Kendrick Meek up 12 points against Jeff Greene, the Orlando Sentinel writes.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune asks whether the GOP will be able to overcome the nasty McCollum-Scott gubernatorial primary. “Many primary elections have rough campaigns that turn negative, but what makes this governor's race different is the more than $50 million spent on television advertising aimed at tearing down the character of the two Republicans.”