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Indiana Democrat hits 'Pelosi's energy tax' in ad

What party is Joe Donnelly again? The Indiana congressman is a Democrat, but he doesn't want his constituents to know that. He's running for re-election in the second congressional district, ranked 49th most likely takeover in our First Read Field of 64.

From watching his ads this cycle, one would think he was an independent. It's no accident. Donnelly calls himself "independent" twice in his latest ad. And he takes aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "energy tax" (and former President Bush for wanting to privatize Social Security.) Calling the controversial cap-and-trade bill an "energy tax" has been a talking point used almost exclusively by Republicans and their surrogates. Donnelly earlier went up with an ad derided the "crowd in Washington," which included President Obama, Pelosi, and Republican Minority Leader John Boehner.

Part of what an announcer says of Donnelly: "Joe Donnelly is Indiana's most independent Congressman. Joe opposed President Bush's attempts to privatize Social Security. And voted against Nancy Pelosi's energy tax on Hoosier families. ... Joe Donnelly is the independent voice who protects Hoosier families."

Hat tip: Hotline.