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Congress: 'A graveyard of good ideas'

" 'A graveyard of good ideas' is how freshman Democrat Tom Udall of New Mexico sees the Senate. 'Out of whack with the way the rest of the world is,' says another freshman, Michael Bennet, D-Colo," the AP writes. "'Just defies common sense' is the impression of Claire McCaskill, a first-term Democrat from Missouri, in describing the filibuster-plagued institution. New members, especially those from the majority party eager to fulfill their election promises, typically complain about the slow pace of the Senate. But with partisanship pushing the Senate toward petrification, some newcomers are seeking fundamental changes in the way the Senate operates. Getting their more senior colleagues to go along will not be easy."

"Sen. Ted Stevens was laid to rest Wednesday in Anchorage, with colleagues and religious leaders praising the iconic Republican’s work to build and develop his adopted home state of Alaska," Roll Call reports.