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GOP watch: The most powerful man inside the GOP

Politico profiles the man it calls “the most powerful Republican in American politics – at least for the next three months” – Mississippi Gov. (and RGA chair) Haley Barbour. “Barbour … has more money to spend on the 2010 elections -- $40 million -- than any other GOP leader around. And in private, numerous Republicans describe Barbour as the de facto chairman of the party. It’s not just because he controls the RGA kitty but rather it’s due to close relationships with everyone who matters in national GOP politics—operatives like Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie and other top Republicans running or raising cash for a network of outside political groups. Together, these groups are essential to Republican hopes of regaining power because Democrats are cleaning their clocks through more traditional fundraising efforts.”

Mitt Romney has an op-ed in the Boston Globe criticizing President Obama on the economy: "Almost every action the president has taken has deepened and lengthened the downturn. The private sector has retreated, frightened by his agenda and paralyzed by the uncertainty, lack of predictability, and outright hostility he has engendered."

He then lists his broad priorities: "A pro-job, pro-prosperity government works to create the conditions that enable businesses of all sizes to grow and thrive. These should include aligning corporate taxes with those of other developed economies, eliminating special corporate tax breaks that lobbyists have inserted over the years, and preserving the Bush tax cuts -- especially for small business. To give an immediate boost to jobs and investment, permit businesses to write off in 2010 and 2011 the capital investments made in those years rather than over time. Aggressively negotiate and sign trade agreements with other nations to promote American exports. Adopt an energy policy that will actually eliminate our dependence on OPEC and hostile states. Preserve our balanced labor-management rules and regulators. Rather than raising the tax on investment dividends, eliminate it and the tax on capital gains and interest for all households earning less than $250,000 a year.”