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Maes rejects Tancredo offer to get out of Colo. governor's race

Dan Maes rejected Tom Tancredo's suggestion that they both drop out of the race and let the party pick a new candidate, per AP. (Tancredo, a former congressman and immigration hard-liner, is running on the American Constitution Party ticket.)

State GOP chairman Dick Wadhams: "Tom Tancredo contacted me late Monday to indicate he would withdraw from the race for governor if Dan Maes did so as well. I asked Tom for the opportunity to present this offer to Dan Maes, which I did do this morning. I felt it was my responsibility as state chairman to inform Dan of this offer since it held open the possibility of eliminating the current three-way race that gives the Democratic candidate a huge advantage."

More from AP:

"Tancredo's spokesman, Cliff Dodge, said Tancredo made the offer because he believes Maes has no chance of beating Democrat John Hickenlooper in November. He said the compromise included a stipulation that neither Republican be a candidate for a Republican vacancy committee. 'The answer was two letters: N-O,' Dodge said. Maes spokesman Nate Strauch said if Tancredo wants to participate in the governor's race, "he should go through the nominating process like everybody else."

The Denver Post reported that the "Republican Governors Association's plans said Tuesday that the political committee has decided not to bankroll television and other ads supporting GOP gubernatorial hopeful Dan Maes. Maes spoke at length with RGA leaders Tuesday to discuss how the group might help him, financially or otherwise. He was told that election laws ban political committees from discussing financial and strategy matters with campaigns, Maes spokesman Nate Strauch said."

The RGA has not yet responded on the Denver Post item to First Read, which reached out for comment this afternoon.