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Blog buzz: Mosque or not a mosque?

The proposed mosque to be constructed blocks from Ground Zero continued to elicit plenty of discussion from members of both sides of the blogosphere.

Liberal bloggers today reacted to Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson's explanations that the building would not strictly be a house of worship, but a community center with a prayer room. AMERICAblog's Gaius Publius noted Robinson's recent appearance on Countdown with Keith Olbermann in which he said, Publius paraphrases, "It's not a mosque, it's a community center with a Prayer Room." Added Publius: "If Park51 is a Mosque, then the Intel office in Cairo is a Mosque, and the Motorola office, and the Audi office. They all have 'prayer rooms' so that devout Muslims can ... pray. It's what Muslims do, several times a day. They usually look like offices. They're usually labeled 'Prayer Room.' Every Western company in a Muslim country has a Prayer Room. Are all of these offices really Mosques?"

Balloon Juice's John Cole also linked to Robinson's column and wrote, "As a commenter pithily noted the other day, calling this a mosque is like calling a casino in Las Vegas a cathedral because it has a wedding chapel."

On conservative hub Hot Air, blogger (aptly named for the topic) Allahpundit reacted to President Obama's assertion that he has "no regrets" for his comments on the mosque: "How else could he respond? 'Why yes, in light of the catastrophic polling on this issue for my party, I should have avoided even the lame, equivocating statement I gave initially'? His disapproval rating has been creeping up in Gallup ever since he weighed in, rising from 48 percent last week to a siren-worthy 52 percent today. Of course, he regrets it. But now he’s stuck with it, so here’s his -- very -- perfunctory show of resoluteness in the face of self-generated adversity."