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Palin's underwhelming ticket sales

A Sarah Palin event next Thursday (Aug. 26) in Florida is being moved to a smaller venue because of underwhelming ticket sales.

The Jacksonville, FL, event is billed as an "Evening of Hope with Sarah Palin."

"Originally, it was slated for a 2,936-seat theatre, but now it's been moved to a 609 seat theatre," GOP 12 writes.

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Mark Nelson, director of Heroic Media, which is organizing the event, told the Florida Times-Union, "We would rather have a packed theater than a theater that's not so packed," Nelson said.

According to the Times-Union, the group is a non-profit "that helps women facing unexpected pregnancy."

In First Thoughts this morning, we noted that Palin is just 2-for-8 with her endorsements in the last few weeks, including two losses last night.