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Blagojevich guilty on one of 24 counts - lying to FBI

NBC's John Yang reports that the jury has reached a verdict in the Rod Blagojevich trial. It has not yet been announced, as of 5:20 pm ET. Stay tuned...

The Washington Post with some color:

"Blagojevich adjusted his tie and held his wife, Patti's hand as he arrived at the courthouse. Stepping off the elevator, he asked spectators to 'say a prayer for us.' His brother, Robert, arrived a few minutes later, as did U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald."

*** UPDATE *** The jury found Blagojevich guilty unanimously on just one count.

*** UPDATE 2 *** The count he was found guilty on was essentially lying to FBI.

*** UPDATE 3 *** Judge Zagel says intends to declare a mistrial on all remaining counts for Rod and for all counts related to Robert.

*** UPDATE 4 *** The prosecution says it will "absolutely" intend to retry Blagojevich on these charges. Yang reports that he expects Blagojevich to speak to reporters.

*** UPDATE 5 *** NBC's Stephanie Himango reports Blogojevich will remain free on bond. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald will speak to cameras in the lobby.

*** UPDATE 6 *** The next court date is set for Aug. 26. The government has been given until Sept. 7 to announce a re-trial. Prosecutor Reid Schar says the government "will absolutely retry this case."