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Former VP's son dubs Obama "worst president in history"

In a new campaign ad, an Arizona congressional candidate accuses President Barack Obama of being “the worst president in history.”

He might know a thing or two about how men in the White House are judged by the public; he’s the son of a vice president perhaps best known for enduring ridicule after he flubbed the spelling of the word “potato.”

Ben Quayle, the son of George H.W. Bush’s running mate, is one of 10 candidates in the GOP primary race in Arizona’s conservative 3rddistrict (It went for McCain by 15 points in 2008 and for Bush by almost 20 in 2004.) In a new ad, he says that “Barack Obama is the worst president in history” and promises to “knock the hell” out of Washington if elected.

Quayle, 33, is well-funded in the race – thanks in part to donations from Republicans who worked in father's administration – but his campaign has been pockmarked by controversy.

On Tuesday, he admitted that he had contributed to nightlife website DirtyScotsdale.com just hours after he denied to a POLITICO reporter that he had used a pseudonym to post sex-themed comments on the site.

An opponent also recently took him to task for “renting a family” when a mailer underscoring his family values pictured him with two children. Quayle and his wife don’t have children; the pink-clad young girls turned out to be his nieces.