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Ad Watch: Et tu, Donnelly?

Running against the "Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda" has been one of this year's most common campaign themes... on the Republican side. But today, incumbent Rep. Joe Donnelly of Indiana's second congressional district became the first Democrat to decry his party's leaders in an ad, telling voters he doesn't work for the "Washington Crowd," as a picture of President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader John Boehner flashes on the screen.

IN-2, Donnelly, "Saw How Bad"
DONNELLY: I went down to the border and saw for myself just how bad the situation really is. That's why I voted to hire 5,300 more border agents, penalize any business that hires illegals. Deport illegals who commit felonies and eliminate amnesty, because no one should ever be rewarded for breaking the law. That may not be what the Washington crowd wants, but I don't work for them. I work for you. I'm Joe Donnelly and I approve this message because we need to secure our borders once and for all. It's a matter of national security and enforcing our laws.

VA-2, anti-Nye (Emergency Cmte. for Israel) "Glenn Nye's Record"
ANNCR: Most members of Congress are friends of Israel. That's why a huge majority, 88%, refused to sign a letter accusing Israel of collective punishment when Israel was defending her citizens from the terrorist group Hamas. But Glenn Nye signed that anti-Israel letter. A fellow Democratic congressman called Nye "misinformed." Israeli officials feared worse. Call Glenn Nye. Ask him why he joined the assault on Israel.

LA SEN, Melancon, "Honest"

MELANCON: I'm Charlie Melancon. And I approve this message because David Vitter hasn't been honest with Louisiana. And I don't expect anything different when he talks about my record. So I want you to hear it straight from me, what I stand for. I'm a pro-life, pro-gun Louisiana Democrat. I've been a businessman most of my life. And my philosophy is simple. When it comes to fixing this economy and protecting your family, I'll work with anyone if it's the right thing to do for Louisiana.

PA SEN, Toomey, "Toomey Plan"

ANNCR: "Washington is failing. Bailouts, takeovers, a stimulus that gave us record debt without creating jobs. Congressman Joe Sestak voted for all of it.Pat Toomey has a different plan." TOOMEY: "We can have a booming economy if we end the bailouts, stop the runaway spending, reduce taxes for workers and job creating businesses, and lower health care costs by making insurance companies compete with each other." ANNCR: "More jobs, less government. Pat Toomey." TOOMEY: "I'm Pat Toomey and I approved this message.

Toomey Plan from Pat Toomey on Vimeo.

AR, Keet, "Courage to Lead"
KEET: I'm Jim Keet and I'm running for governor. As a businessman I'm concerned about the lack of good-paying jobs in Arkansas. As a father I'm worried about the debt that's being passed on to my children, and as a taxpayer I'm angry about wasting money on a new airplane for the governor and new cars for bureaucrats' personal use. We can do better. I know how to cut waste, balance a budget and create jobs. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. ANNCR: Courage to lead. Jim Keet for governor.

GA GOV, "The Newspaper Says"
ANNCR: "This great state is falling behind. It isn't working. Do we continue down the same path with the same team that gave us ethics violations, teacher furloughs, tax breaks to special interests, homes foreclosed and misplaced priorities? Or do we work our way back? This election isn't about political parties or slogans. It's a choice between competent experience or more of the same. Roy Barnes. No on-the-job training necessary"

HI GOV, Abercrombie, "The Right Way"
ABERCORMBIE: "I came back home because the big problems are right here. Many of you believe that government can't fix these problems, but government only fails when leadership fails. And leadership isn't forcing your ideas down someone's throat. That's not my way. But what I will do is challenge you to set aside our differences and work through our problems. You deserve leadership you can trust -- on education, rail, the environment and the economy. it won't be easy, but together, I know we can do it"

HI GOV, Abercrombie, "Big Issues"

SGT. BOBBY AGPAOA: "A lot of us went to war in Iraq with out the right armored equipment." LT COL. ROBERT SANDLA (RET.): "Over 5,000, just from Hawaii." COMBAT MEDIC ALLEN HOE: "Neil Abercrombie fought like hell to get our troops the gear they needed." COL. TOM FARRELL: "And he had to buck The Pentagon to do it. It wasn't easy." BRIG. GEN. MYRON DOBASHI (RET.): "Make no mistake, a lot of lives were saved." ANNCR: "And for his efforts, the National Guard Association honored Neil with their highest award. Neil Abercrombie takes on the big issues -- it's just the kind of leadership Hawaii needs right now"

HI GOV, Hannemann, "Eddie Flores Supports Mufi Hannemann"

FLORES: "I've known Mufi when he was the director of DBET -- that was over 20 years ago. He knows how to create jobs, he understands business. I have no doubt he will move Hawaii economy forward. I'm in full support of Mufi Hannemann to be our next governor." ANNCR: "Mufi Hannemann, for all of us. Learn about Mufi Hannemann's economic action plan and how the economy will be job one from day one. For more information, visit votemufi.com"

MN GOV, Dayton, "Tuesday"

VARIOUS PEOPLE: "I'm a small business owner and I'm for Mark Dayton. I'm a police officer and I'm for Mark Dayton. I'm a teacher, and I'm for Mark Dayton. I'm a Teamster, and I'm for Mark Dayton too. We've paid taxes in Minnesota long enough. It's time the richest Minnesotans pay their fair share. It's the only way we'll fund our schools. It's the only way we'll get the state's deficit under control. This Tuesday, I'll be voting for Mark Dayton, I hope you do the same. Dayton (4X)." CHILDREN IN UNISON: "Dayton!" DAYTON: "This Tuesday, I'm asking for your support. Together, we'll build a better Minnesota"

MN GOV, Dayton, "Jobs"

ANNCR: "It's the teacher, the steel worker, the farmer, the small business owner who have suffered the most under Tim Pawlenty. Mark Dayton says it's time for a governor who will stand up for Minnesota's working people by investing in education, in job training, in the new industries of the future. It's time to put an end to the special tax breaks for the richest Minnesotans and start creating jobs by standing up for the people who are the backbone of Minnesota. Dayton, governor, for a better Minnesota"

OH GOV, Strickland, "Pat" (radio)

ANNCR: "Pat Spayde made automobile parts in Milan, Ohio for 23 years." SPAYDE: "We were doing good work here in Ohio and then I lost my job to outsourcing. It was those bad trade deals out of Washington that cost me my job. It was tough on my whole family. So when I heard that congressman John Kasich voted for all those trade deals that sent Ohio jobs overseas, I couldn't believe it. Back in Washington, Kasich voted for NAFTA and we just watched Ohio jobs go to Mexico. Then he voted for that special trade deal for China and we lost more jobs. Kasich even voted for tax breaks for corporations that ship American jobs overseas. And then Kasich moved to Wall Street and made millions working for Lehman Brothers and they financed corporations that ship more American jobs overseas. Now Kasich wants to be Governor? I don't think Ohio can trust a governor who outsourced American jobs." ANNCR: "Paid for by Strickland for Governor."