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Labor ad plays up Wilson's ties to Whitman campaign

Since winning the GOP nomination last month, California gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman (R) has been saturating the airwaves with Spanish-language TV ads, all in an effort to win over Latino voters. And there's evidence she's making progress on this front.

Now an SEIU-backed independent expenditure is airing a TV ad -- at a substantial buy -- to reminder Latino voters that Whitman's campaign chairman is former GOP. Gov. Pete Wilson, who championed the controversial Prop. 187.

“The research that’s been done in California shows that Meg Whitman is really hurt with Latino voters when they are informed" of Wilson's ties to Whitman's campaign, a union official emails First Read.

Here's the script of the Spanish-language ad (translated to English):

Pete Wilson is in charge of her campaign…and she won the Republican primary attacking us.
She is a billionaire who gives tax breaks to corporations… …while cutting health care for working people.
And she wants to prevent all of our children from having the same opportunity to attend university.
Whitman says one thing in Spanish --- and the opposite when she speaks in English.
The real Whitman has no shame. She’s two faced.

*** UDPATE *** The Whitman campaign responds: "Not only are these ads false, Jerry Brown is literally outsourcing his campaign's dirty work to the entrenched special interest groups that prop up his candidacy. Now how is that not the actual definition of 'two faced'?"

The Whitman campaign also has this new Spanish-language radio ad.