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First Read's Top 10 TV ads

If it’s Friday, it’s time another First Read Top 10 list -- this time, we take yet another look at what we consider our favorite TV ads this cycle.
10. Dear God: In this ad, it’s unclear whether Zack Wamp (R) is running for Tennessee governor or preacher. (“I believe God is the center of the universe. He made us to serve him and to serve others.”) But it comes after primary opponent Ron Ramsey referred to Islam a “cult.”
9. Pamela, get your gun: This ad, which shows Arizona congressional candidate Pamela Gorman taking aim at actual targets -- instead of her opponents -- makes our list again.
8. Scott hammers McCollum: This sort of ad is one of the big reasons why Rick Scott now leads Bill McCollum in Florida’s GOP gubernatorial primary.
7. The Man with the Dragon Tattoo: Norm Coleman’s American Action Network is running some provocative ads. This one targets Charlie Crist -- with the help of a tattoo artist.
6. One of these days these shoes are goin’ walk all over you: And here’s the American Action Network’s ad against Washington Sen. Patty Murray, which uses her iconic tennis shoes against her.
5. Meek fires at Greene… : Down in the polls to Jeff Greene in Florida’s Democratic Senate race, Kendrick Meek highlights one Greene’s weaknesses: He made his money off subprime loans.
4. … and Greene fires back: Here’s Greene’s response: Meek is “corrupt” and “crooked.”
3. Is he “man enough”? In this ad, Colorado Senate candidate Jane Norton questions primary opponent Ken Buck's manhood (“You think Ken would be man enough to do it himself”). Buck later said this in response to a question why a voter should vote for Buck: “Because I do not wear high heels.”
2. Being Blunt about President Obama: With Obama’s approval rating in the 30s in the onetime battleground state of Missouri, Senate candidate Roy Blunt (R) has taken the lead in his race against Robin Carnahan (D) by tying Carnahan to Obama, like in this ad.
1. Demon sheep: The one and the only…