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Obama agenda: Gates strikes back

“Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates on Thursday denounced the disclosure this week of 75,000 classified documents about the Afghanistan war by the Web site WikiLeaks, asserting that the security breach had endangered lives and damaged the ability of others to trust the United States government to protect their secrets,” the New York Times says. “Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon, Mr. Gates portrayed the documents as ‘a mountain of raw data and individual impressions, most several years old’ that offered little insight into current policies and events. Still, he said, the disclosures — which include some identifying information about Afghans who have helped the United States — have ‘potentially dramatic and grievously harmful consequences.’”

The New York Daily News on Obama’s appearance on “The View”: “For 47 minutes, he took a two-year time trip, radiating the relaxed charm and reassuring ease that swept him into the White House just 21 months ago. He was the guy who was going to be different then, the man who was going to change the tone of America's public and political dialogue from sharp and nasty to respectful and even civil. Yesterday, around the warm hearth of ‘The View,’ he got to be that guy again.”

Howie Kurtz’s take on the appearance: “Anyone who scoffed at the president's decision to hang with Whoopi and the gang was out to lunch. That includes you, Rosie. The appearance was good for him, good for ‘The View’ and, incidentally, good for the audience.”

The Times on Obama’s education speech yesterday: “Saying that reforming education is perhaps ‘the economic issue of our time,’ President Obama went before a major civil rights organization on Thursday to defend his main education program against criticisms from some minority and teachers groups.”