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Eight states could end up electing their first female governor

As we mentioned earlier today, the results from last night's primaries in Oklahoma ensure that Oklahoma will have its first-ever female governor -- either Mary Fallin (R) or Jari Askins (D).

In fact, per Rutgers' Center for American Women and Politics, there are eight states this year that could very well elect it's first-ever female governor: California (Republican Meg Whitman?), Florida (Democrat Alex Sink?), Georgia (Republican Karen Handel?), Maine (Democrat Libby Mitchell?), Minnesota (Dem Margaret Anderson Kelliher?), New Mexico (either Dem Diane Denish or Republican Susana Martinez), Oklahoma, and South Carolina (Republican Nikki Haley?).

As NBC's Jillian Hughes noted earlier this month, come 2011, we could approach or surpass the previous record or nine women residing in governors mansions simultaneously.