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Congress: Filibuster stops DISCLOSE Act

The New York Times writes, "The Senate on Tuesday refused to take up a bill that would require more disclosure of the role of corporations, unions and other special interests in bankrolling political advertisements, after Democrats failed to persuade even one Republican to support it… President Obama and Democratic leaders have been seeking to use the Republicans' opposition to the bill to portray them as beholden to corporate interests. Republicans, in turn, say the Democrats drafted the legislation in an effort to gain an advantage in this year's midterm elections."

The Boston Globe: "Senator Chuck E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, bemoaned the lack of bipartisanship that had carried campaign bills in the past. 'It's like skins and shirts,' he said of the two parties."

Per the AP, "Representative Charles Rangel attempted a last-minute plea deal yesterday to head off a House ethics trial that could embarrass him and damage Democrats facing potentially severe election losses." It adds that Rangel "would have to admit to multiple, substantial ethics violations unless ethics lawyers dramatically changed their negotiating stance. Earlier negotiations broke down when Rangel would admit to only some allegations -- not enough to satisfy the Ethics Committee lawyers, according to people familiar with those talks who were not authorized to be quoted by name."

The New York Daily News: "Charlie Rangel finally dropped the hang-tough bluster Tuesday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled she wants the Harlem Dem to cut his losses. ... The Daily News has learned Rangel began to change his mind Monday when he met with House ethics chairwoman Zoe Lofgren. Until then, he planned to fight on. But with Pelosi pressing for a plea, Rangel cleared the way for lawyer Leslie Kiernan to begin serious talks toward a deal."

But Lofgren denies that.

Idaho Rep. Walt Minnick became the second Democrat to call for Rangel to resign.

The Boston Globe's top story: "Senator John F. Kerry announced yesterday that he will voluntarily pay $500,000 to Massachusetts tax collectors on his luxury yacht, a pledge made hours after state officials had begun inquiring into whether he had attempted to evade the payment by docking the boat in Rhode Island."

(By the way, Curt Schilling is moving his video game company to Rhode Island. )