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Ad Watch: Who's the man?

The Colorado ad wars continue, this time with Americans for Job Security attacking Jane Norton; Kendrick Meek is out with his first ad in the Florida Senate race; the DGA hits Bill Brady in the Illinois gubernatorial race for his economic policies; and vehicular politics makes a comeback, although TN gubernatorial candidate Mike McWherter's ride is not a truck.

AZ SEN, Hayworth, "McCain's Amnesty"
SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R): "I helped author with Senator Kennedy comprehensive immigration reform and fought for it twice." PRES. OBAMA: "I stood with Ted Kennedy and John McCain and took on this tough issue." ANNCR: "McCain's amnesty bill would cost 2.6 trillion dollars, rewarding illegal aliens with Social Security and Medicare benefits. Had enough? J.D. Hayworth led the fight against McCain's amnesty bill, wrote the book on securing our border and is endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio." HAYWORTH : "I'm J.D. Hayworth and I approved this message"

CO SEN, anti-Norton (Americans for Job Security) "Talk is Cheap"
ANNCR: Liberal politicians will say anything. But talk is cheap. Take Jane Norton. NORTON: The federal government is overspending, overtaxing, it's overregulating. ANNCR: Wait. What's the real Norton record? Norton pushed the largest tax hike in Colorado history. As a regulator, she managed a multi-million dollar surge in government spending. Yup, talk is cheap. But Jane Norton has cost us plenty. Tell Jane Norton: No more high taxes and spending.

FL SEN, Meek, "He's the Man"
ANNCR: Check it out. Meet the real Jeff Greene. Ran for Congress as a California Republican. Moved to Florida two years ago. Became a billionaire on Wall Street betting middle-class families would lose their homes. Helped fuel the economic meltdown. Warren Buffett called Greene's scheme "financial weapons of mass destruction." GREENE: They'll attack me for my friends and my past when I was single. Some of it's true. But none of it matters. ANNCR: Betting on suffering does matter.

NV SEN, Angle, "Please Stop"

ANGLE: "Well, Harry Reid says he does more for Nevada; he's done more for unemployment. We were at 4.4%. Now we're at 14.4%. He's done more for the foreclosure rate. We have the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. He's done more for bankruptcy. We have the highest bankruptcy rate in the nation. Harry Reid has done more and it's time to say, 'Stop doing it. We can't stand anymore.' I'm Sharron Angle and I approve this message"

NV SEN, anti-Angle, (Patriot Majority)

ANNCR: "What do you think of Sharron Angle's ideas?" ANGLE (in clip): "As your U.S. Senator, I'm not in the business of creating jobs." MAN #1: "Oh, really?" MAN #2: "That's not her job, huh?" WOMAN #1: "If that's the case, whose job is it?" MAN #3: "What she doing for the people?" WOMAN #2: "I know so many people that are unemployed." MAN #4: "I don't know what she thinks her job is." MAN #5: "That doesn't make sense." WOMAN #3: "Everybody that's a politician in our state should help with people getting jobs." ANGLE (in audio clip): "That's not my job as a U.S. senator to bring industry to this state." WOMAN #1: "Sharron Angle's ideas are bad ideas"

CT GOV, Lamont, "Ted Kennedy, Jr.,"

KENNEDY: "I'm Ted Kennedy Jr. I've lived in Connecticut for 25 years because I love this state. I've gone to college here, worked as an attorney here, and chosen to raise my family here. But what makes Connecticut so special to me are the people that I've met here. Two of those people are Annie and Ned Lamont. I've been lucky enough to become good friends with them, and I know they share the same values I believe in - the values of hard work and giving back. I admire the way Ned has worked to build his own business while still giving back to those less fortunate. Like being a national leader at Mercy Corps and improving education in distressed areas. I've seen Ned in action and I know Ned can bring people together from both parties to move Connecticut forward. I'm Ted Kennedy Jr. and I'm voting for Ned Lamont in the August 10th Democratic primary, and I hope you will too." LAMONT: "I'm Ned Lamont and I approve this message"

CT GOV, Fedele, "Jobs?"

MAN: "It was just a very good place to live, a good place to work, a good place to raise a family." WOMAN: "Tom Foley bankrupted the Bibb. We did not just lose our jobs, we lost our town." FOLEY CLIP: "The Bibb experience will make me a better governor." MAN: "I don't think Tom Foley should make $20 million dollars at the demise of somebody else losing their job." WOMAN: "I would not want him as governor." FEDELE: "I'm Mike Fedele, and I approve this message"

CT GOV, Foley, "Vision,"

FOLEY: "I'm Tom Foley. I believe in Connecticut. Our well-trained work force, excellent schools and our quality of life. We should be a leader in the new global economy. I have a detailed plan for bringing back jobs. I'll reduce the cost of state government and close the state budget deficit without raising taxes. When it's done we can be proud, not just of where we have been, but where we are going. Working together, we can fix Connecticut. I'm Tom Foley and I approve this message"

GA GOV, Deal, "Why"
NOAH: "Papa, why do you want to be governor?" DEAL: "'Cause grown-ups in Washington are just spending too much money. They're hurting us here at home." NOAH: "Really?" DEAL: "YES, and I want to fight back by giving more jobs and lower taxes so people can keep more of their money." ETHAN: "Why, Papa?" DEAL: "Ethan, because I love the people of the state of Georgia almost as much as I love you and Noah." ANNCR: "Pro-life. Real conservative. Real results"

IA GOV, Culver, "Children"

ANNCR: "How do you say no to the most vulnerable? Shortchange their future, choose corporate giants over Iowa children. Why did Terry Branstad oppose health care for Iowa's neediest children, and now wants to close preschools across the state? Branstad believes his corporate contributors deserve tax breaks more than our children deserve a doctor or a teacher. Terry Branstad -- cooked books, eight pay raises, a past we can't repeat"

IA GOV, Bransted, "What Jobs?"

Chet Culver's jobs plan... iJobs. Chet borrowed $900 to create jobs... but Chet can't tell us how many job... likely none. Now get this... Culver's I-Jobs will end up costing taxpayers $1.57 billion. $$ million every year... for 23 years! Nearly 114,000 Iowans out of work. Almost 20,000 new unemployed since I-Jobs started. Chet, $1.7 billion and no jobs to point to? Really?

IL GOV, anti-Brady (DGA - Stop Bill Brady), "The Same"

ANNCR: People are asking. What kind of politician would side with insurance companies to oppose mammograms? And oppose the creation of family medical and maternity leave? It's the same Bill Brady who wants to give tax breaks to millionaires and the biggest corporations. But now says, we should roll back increases in the minimum wage. When it comes to protecting our pocketbooks, Bill Brady sides with the wealthy corporations while the rest of us need a governor on our side.

IL GOV, Brady, "Christmas in July and Pat Quinn is Santa"

ANNCR: "It's Christmas in July and Pat Quinn thinks he's Santa Claus. His personal staff got raises, some as much as 20%. What did we get? We get the bill. A proposed 33% tax increase, courtesy of Pat Quinn. It's no wonder the Tribune calls Quinn 'downright clueless.' Families are suffering, and the last thing Illinois needs is Pat Quinn tossing our money around while we can't even pay our bills. Bill Brady, governor"

MN GOV, Entenza, "Rip"

KID 1: "I want to learn." TEACHER 1: "I want to teach about science." KID 2: "History." TEACHER 2: "How to think." KID 1: "Not just how to take tests." ANNCR: "George Bush's No Child Left Behind is hurting our kids. Tom Emmer supports Bush's failed policy and drastic cuts to education. Matt Entenza and Robyne Robinson's plan? Get rid of No Child Left Behind. Let teachers teach to every child's potential, not just a test. And they'll make sure decisions are made right here in Minnesota, not Washington. Let's make Minnesota great again"

NM GOV, Martinez, "Jobs Plan"
ANNCR: "As jobs were lost, Richardson/Denish wasted millions. Abused the state jet. Denish even spent federal stimulus funds on campaign Christmas cards. We need change, Susana Martinez." MARTINEZ: "Over 80% of all jobs are created by small businesses. And that's why my plan focuses on them. By ending corruption and eliminating wasteful spending, we can phase out job-killing taxes to help all small businesses grow. If we have the courage to make bold changes, we will turn New Mexico around"

NV GOV, Reid, "Ask"

ANNCR: How much lower can we go when Nevada's schools rank last in the nation? And Brian Sandoval cuts education by hundreds of millions more. What opportunities will we be denied when Sandoval's cuts force layoffs of one in five teachers. How overcrowded will our classrooms become when Sandoval raids the fund set aside for class size reduction. How can Nevada build a stronger economy if Brian Sandoval gets his way? Just ask yourself.

TN GOV, McWherter, "The Four Wheeler"
ANNCR: "Imagine a governor more interested in fixing things than playing politics. Born and raised in rural Tennessee where he built a successful business and raised a family, he has a Tennessee First jobs plan that will cut taxes for businesses that create jobs here at home. He'll veto any proposed income tax and cut wasteful spending. He won't just fix his four-wheeler, he'll fix our economy." MCWHERTER: "Tennessee First. Tennessee Jobs. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work"