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Obama agenda: All about race…

With the conclusion (it seems) of the Shirley Sherrod story, the big papers all focus on the issue of race. Here’s the New York Times: “No matter how hard his White House tries to keep the issue from defining his presidency, it keeps popping back up, fueled in part by high expectations from the left for the first black president, and in part by tactical opposition politics on the right.”

The Washington Post: “Two years ago, in a powerful speech in Philadelphia, presidential candidate Barack Obama warned that Americans will not be able to overcome their divisions if they continue to ‘tackle race only as a spectacle.’ This week, however, the subject of race returned to the forefront as just that: A spectacle over a selectively edited Internet video that led to the hasty firing of Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod for seemingly making racist comments. Then came a rush of recrimination and vindication when a fuller version revealed that she had actually been giving a speech about overcoming prejudice.”

In response to the Sherrod story in an interview with ABC, Obama said he told "my team" to make sure "that we're focusing on doing the right thing instead of what looks to be politically necessary at that very moment. We have to take our time and think these issues through." Also: Sherrod says she's considering suing Andrew Breitbart. And Ann Coulter, by the way, says Breitbart was the victim. "The whole key to this story is that Andrew Breitbart was set up," she said on Fox.

The AP looks at the politics being played with the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) and the influence of the Heritage Foundation on Republicans.

"Federal investigators have identified several dozen Pentagon officials and contractors with high-level security clearances who allegedly purchased and downloaded child pornography, including an undisclosed number who used their government computers to obtain the illegal material, according to investigative reports," the Boston Globe reports.

So liberals don't like OMB pick Jacob Lew, either? "They suspect Jacob “Jack” Lew may share an affection for market-driven reforms they say were too popular among Clinton’s staff and that he would support cuts to Social Security and Medicare," The Hill writes.