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Ad Watch: These boots were made for... ?

Colorado Republican Senate candidate Jane Norton went right up with an ad highlighting her opponent Ken Buck's statement involving high heels, cowboy boots and bull excrement; Linda McMahon wins over some Connecticut drivers; also in the Nutmeg State, don't call it a comeback -- Republican Senate candidate Rob Simmons might have a new ad out but he's been on the ballot the whole time; and like Norton, California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman uses her opponent Jerry Brown's words against him, in this case to make him sound unprepared for the governor's mansion.

CO SEN, Norton "High Heels"

NORTON: "I'm Jane Norton. I approved this message." ANNCR: "Ken Buck is attacking Jane Norton. What's he saying? You might be surprised. Here's Ken Buck caught on tape." BUCK CLIP: "Why should you vote for me? Because I do not wear high heels." ANNCR: "Play that again." BUCK: "Why should you vote for me? Because I do not wear high heels. I have cowboy boots. They have real bullsh** on them. That's Weld County bullsh**." ANNCR: "Now Ken Buck wants to go to Washington. He'd fit right in"

CT SEN, McMahon, "Cup of Tea"
LINDA ON RADIO: I'm Linda McMahon. It's time for something different. WOMAN 1: So what do you think about Linda McMahon? WOMAN 2: Well, I like what she's saying. WOMAN 1: Well, what about the wrestling stuff? WOMAN 2: [laughs] well, not exactly my cup of tea. WOMAN 1: It's a soap opera. WOMAN 2: Really. WOMAN 1: Look, she trained the traveling show world of professional wrestling, turned it into a global company and created 500 jobs here in Connecticut. WOMAN 2: Alright. Think she can shake things up in Washington? WOMAN 1: Oh yeah. BOTH WOMEN: Ohhh, yeah.

CT SEN, Simmons
SIMMONS: "Today, it's important to vote with your heart and your head. Bailouts and tax increases have crippled the economy and cost us jobs. Small business is our backbone. Let's help them. National security must remain strong. Put your trust in the candidate who is and will be an advocate for veterans. These issues will have a lasting effect on our children. In the Republican primary on August tenth, you do have a choice. I'm Rob Simmons, I'm still on the ballot, and I approved this message."

NH SEN, anti-Binnie (Cornerstone Action PAC), "Shockingly Liberal"
MAN: "Have you seen Bill Binnie's ads on tv? Or all those mailers? He seems like a very interesting candidate for US Senate." WOMAN: "I have, but did you know that his flashy ads are actually hiding his shockingly liberal positions on almost every issue?" MAN: Shockingly liberal? WOMAN: "Yes. Did you know Bill Binnie said that he might have voted for the $700 billion dollar bank bailout? And he's excited about New Hampshire's new gay marriage law." MAN: "Excited about gay marriage?" WOMAN: "He's actually described himself as being intellectually liberal." MAN: "And he's running as a Republican!" WOMAN: I know. He also opposes Arizona's new common sense law that cracks down on illegal immigration." MAN: "He is shockingly liberal. What else isn't he telling us?" WOMAN: Well, he supports key elements of President Obama's takeover of our health care system. And Bill Binnie has a history of donating money to Democrats like Massachusetts liberal Marty Meehan and Jeanne Shaheen! MAN: "Well, his ads make him seem like he's a conservative, but he really is shockingly liberal." ANNCR: "Paid for by Cornerstone Action"

CA GOV, Whitman, "No Plan"
ANNCR: Jobs leaving. A budget disaster. California on the brink. Jerry Brown's plan? BROWN: You run for office and your immediate assumption is, oh, I know what to do. You don't! I didn't have a plan for California. ANNCR: With our staste in crisis we need a governor with a plan. BROWN: We need a real plan as something I'll acknoweldge I did not have . ANNCR: Jerry Brown. No plan then, no plan now. Meg Whitman. A plan for jobs. Log on, learn more.

MI GOV, Tom George, "Citizen Legislator"
GEORGE: "I'm Dr. Tom George and I'm running for governor. Michigan deserves a governor who will reform our state health programs, the single biggest expense within our budget, freeing up resources to afford tax relief and investment in education and roads. With our hard working people and our bountiful natural resources, Michigan has a bright future. If we work together we can fix Michigan. Join my team at georgeforgovernor.com and let's fix Michigan"

OK GOV, Brogdon, "Back to the Basics"
BROGDON: As governor, my goal is to lead Oklahoma to the restoration of her founding principles. Limited government. Personal responsibility. Expansion of freedom. Those are the principles that will give us a better future. I'm a man of faith, I'm a husband, and I'm a dad. Those are the priorities that give me a purpose in life. And my purpose is to lead this state back to the basics so we can have a brighter future.

TN GOV, Haslam, "Enough is Enough"

If you've seen Zach Wamp's television commercials, or received his emails, you've been misled. About my record and his. I'm Bill Halsam. I'm trying to focuse on the issues in this campaign for governor. Enough's enough. Zach Wamp knows I support the second amendment. He knows that Knoxville, where I'm the mayor, has the lowest property tax in over 50 yeras. He's on record. Praising our family business as a good corporate citizen. He wants to talk about my money because he doesn't want to talk about what he's doing with yours. Spent his career in Washington. Broke his promise on term limits, and special interest contributions. Voted for billions in earmarks. Helped turn up the federal debt to record highs. Never met a payroll or balance a budget. That's not the kind of experience our next governor needs. I hope you'll listen to the facts, and ignore his attacks. Thank you. I'd be grateful for your support.