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Obama agenda: Financial reform signed into law

The New York Times: ‘President Obama signed a sweeping expansion of federal financial regulation on Wednesday, signaling perhaps the Democrats’ last major legislative victory before the midterm elections in November, which could recast the Congressional landscape.”

“Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren, whose rise to prominence has been fueled partly by her proposal for a federal consumer protection bureau, now is at the center of a political fight over whether President Obama should nominate her to run the powerful regulatory body,” the Boston Globe writes, adding: “That has prompted an uprising among Warren’s legion of supporters, many of whom have come to know her from her appearances on newscasts, ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,’ and in a Michael Moore documentary about capitalism. The possibility that Warren might be passed over for the job has prompted her backers to launch a lobbying campaign that had gained more than 160,000 online signatures this week.”

The Washington Post notes how the Obama White House is besting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.