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The midterms: Can you Handel the truth?

"In 22 of the 31 House seats rated as tossups by the non-partisan Cook Political Report, vulnerable Democratic candidates had more cash available at the end of June than their GOP rivals," USA Today finds in its analysis of campaign finance reports covering activity from April 1st through June 30th.

ALASKA: Roll Call profiles Lisa Murkowski's GOP primary: "Murkowski is taking the Fairbanks Republican seriously enough that she plans to endure the 20 hours round-trip travel time to fly home Friday and spend about 36 hours on the ground campaigning before she heads back to Washington, D.C., for votes."

FLORIDA: Republicans are pouncing on this news from a Wall Street Journal profile of Charlie Crist. “Despite pledging as a Republican to help repeal President Obama's health-care overhaul, Mr. Crist now says he does not support such a move.”

GEORGIA: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution with some fun facts on the packed gubernatorial race today: "When polls close Tuesday evening at 7, no more than four of 14 candidates for governor will still have an immediate political future, and that assumes a runoff is necessary in both the Democratic and Republican campaigns. The would-be governors, seven Democrats and seven Republicans, have more than 150 years of combined state and federal government experience."

You know it's bad when you're blaming the media... At a final-24-hours campaign stop, state insurance and fire safety commissioner John Oxendine "tried to play a game of catch-up," as former Secretary of State Karen Handel has been "surging," local affiliate WXIA reports. "Polls have shown the Oxendine campaign numbers dropping over the last five weeks. Mr. Oxendine has been the target of ethics questions and campaign tactics. He has also found himself in the crosshairs of both print and television reporters." Oxendine told a reporter, "I think the media has definitely made me a target because I am the conservative reform candidate. Whoever is the most conservative is going to be the punching ball of the media."

And in the 12th congressional district, Democratic Rep. John Barrow has a primary rematch against Regina Thomas, whom he defeated in 2008, Politico writes. "Thomas, a former state senator who is African-American, is campaigning on the message that Barrow is too conservative for his district and criticizing him for voting against health care reform. Barrow has responded by outspending Thomas 21 to one. He has run ads dubbing himself "our congressman" and arguing that he helped bring jobs to the district.

MICHIGAN: "Former 7th District congressman Joe Schwarz, R-Battle Creek, is endorsing Ann Arbor businessman Rick Snyder in the Republican gubernatorial primary," the Jackson Citizen Patriot writes. "Schwarz will also serve as chairman of 'Common Sense for Michigan,' a new website aimed to bring in voters who might not have voted before in a Republican primary."

MISSOURI: Republican Rep. and Senate candidate Roy Blunt "is launching a buzzy statewide television buy today that uses President Barack Obama's recent campaign trip for Carnahan against her, highlighting the president's comment in Kansas City that he needs 'another vote' in the Senate," Politico writes.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Sarah Palin Facebook-endorses Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte.

This comes a day after the Boston Globe's Milligan wrote that Ayotte was "scrambling," particularly "in a year when Tea Party movement devotees and political newcomers are threatening the electoral hopes of established candidates across the country."

NEW YORK: Sen. Chuck Schumer, "whose recent success at picking winners among Democrats is well established, made a $10,000 contribution to [embattled Rep. Charlie] Rangel’s reelection campaign in June, breaking what had been a long dry spell of contributions from Democratic lawmakers."