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Impress your friends... presidential vacation fun facts

As the president vacations in Maine, here are some vacation fun facts to chew over this weekend:

  • -- Taft nearly 100 years ago, back in 1911, was the last president to vacation in Mount Desert Island, Maine, a quiet area in the shadow of Acadia National Park frequented by some celebrities.
  • -- He is said to have shot a 27 on a single hole at Kebo Valley Golf Club in Bar Harbor. We'll see if Obama plays there and if he can shoot better than THAT.
  • -- Taft arrived in the presidential yacht on his vacation.
  • -- Laura Bush ate at the Jordan Pond House restaurant in Mount Desert Island with a view of Penobscot Mountain two years ago.
  • -- Mount Desert Island is 205 milies, or a 3-hour, 45-minute drive to Kennebunkport.
  • -- Obama has taken 65 vacation days compared with 120 for Bush at this point, including 13 trips to his Crawford ranch, per CBS's Mark Knoller.
  • -- Obama has vacationed so far in Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon (last summer), Memorial Day in Chicago when the Obamas slept in their own home for the first time in a year, Hawaii, and Martha's Vineyard.
  • -- Obama's vacations haven't exactly been restful for the president and family. Consider: During the Chicago trip, Obama had to leave for a Gulf spill inspection tour; Hawaii was the underwear bomber, Martha's Vineyard was Ted Kennedy's death. There has also been the twice-rescheduled Indonesia trip.

Mount Desert Island Presidential/Celebrity History

Boston Globe:

The last sitting president to visit the island was William Howard Taft, who infamously shot a 27 on a single hole at the Kebo Valley Golf Club in 1911; now locals are wondering if Obama might play a round there.

Or maybe the Obamas will eat at the Jordan Pond House restaurant and take in the pond-front view of the spectacular sheer face of Penobscot Mountain. Laura Bush dined here quietly two years ago, blending in with the hundreds of visitors who line up daily to sample the restaurant’s famed popovers.

Perhaps the Obamas might stop by the Bar Harbor Hemporium, where actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon bought hemp paper and where John Malkovich has shopped for beads?

Bangor Daily News/AP on Obama's Vacation, Interrupted Presidency

Bar Harbor and its surroundings are famed as a summer getaway for the rich and famous, from the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts who built homes there to the Hollywood stars who often turn up. But aides say Obama's visit will focus on Acadia, whose 47,000 acres include Cadillac Mountain, the tallest peak on the East Coast.

The park visit follows last summer's Obama family trip to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Canyon National Park, which included whitewater rafting and peach-picking. ... Consider the most recent full-family holiday: a Memorial Day weekend in Chicago that was overtaken by the Gulf oil spill. After the Obamas slept at their Chicago home for the first time in a year, the president got up and left for a daylong Gulf inspection tour. That diversion followed the Obamas' Christmas trip to Hawaii, interrupted repeatedly for briefings and comment on the attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound jet.

And it followed last summer's Martha's Vineyard stay, interrupted by the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, whose Boston funeral Obama and his wife, Michelle, attended.

Then there was the planned visit to Indonesia, where Obama spent part of his youth. He'd hoped to show daughters Malia and Sasha his old haunts. But the trip was scrubbed, first in March as health care neared its climax, then again in June because of the oil spill. It's now expected late this year. ...

According to a tally kept by Mark Knoller, a CBS News reporter long recognized by the White House as authoritative on such matters, Obama has spent all or part of 65 days on vacation, including days at Camp David. At this point in his tenure, George W. Bush had spent 120 days. That included 13 trips to his Texas ranch.

More General Presidential Vacation History
Boston Globe:

President Dwight Eisenhower relaxed at the 18th hole during a golf game while on vacation in September 1957 in Newport, R.I.

President Herbert C. Hoover laughed as he hooked one of the five large sailfish he caught on his vacation trip aboard the Sequoia in Florida waters in January 1933. The photograph was taken by the president's secretary, Lawrence Richey.

The newly renovated Anderson Cottage at the Old Soldiers' Home on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., came to be known as Lincoln's Cottage. For three summers, Abraham Lincoln and his family retreated to the cottage, and Lincoln spent a full quarter of his presidency there, sometimes meeting with visitors in his slippers. It is believed he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation there, and it's where he got word of the triumph at Gettysburg.

President George W. Bush waved as he fished off the coast of Kennebunkport, Maine, with his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, on Aug. 24, 2006. President Bush was visiting his parents for the weekend as part of his summer vacation. The president vacationed at his 1,600-acre ranch for nearly a month in 2002.

President Calvin Coolidge shot at clay pigeons in this Sept. 6, 1928, file photo at his vacation home on the Brule River in Superior, Wis. He scored 29 out of 37.

President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, Obama's current secretary of state, rode bicycles during their 1994 vacation on the island. The Clintons visited the Vineyard several times.