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Ad Watch: The Sheriffs

AZ SEN, McCain, "Sheriffs"
SHERIFF 1: We're sheriffs in Arizona. President Obama has made protecting our border incredibly difficult. But Arizona has a senator who has the courage and the character to stand up to a president who is wrong. John McCain. A president versus a senator. Doesn't seem like a fair fight. Unless that senator is John McCain. SHERIFF 2: Character matters.

KS SEN, Moran, "Quotes"
ANNCR: "Ugly." "Inexcusable." Newspapers are condemning Todd Tiahrt's nasty, negative campaign. "Tiahrt's swipes push the edge of decency." "Attacks Moran's family." "Inappropriate." "Slimy.' "Outright bizarre." "Downright revolting." "The mudslinging just got a bit muddier." Down in the polls. False attacks. Congressman Todd Tiahrt. Just another politician gone Washington.

NH SEN, Binnie, "Jail or Jobs"
ANNCR: America is on the brink of bankruptcy. Wasteful spending and higher taxes got us here. New Hampshire has a choice. Kelly Ayotte, former Attorney General, knows how to put people in jail. Bill Binnie, successful businessman, knows how to put people in jobs and fix our economy. In these tough economic times, the choice is clear. Bill Binnie and jobs.

NV SEN, anti-Reid, (American Crossroads) "Really Harry Reprise"
ANNCR: "It's bad enough that Nevada has the highest unemployment in the nation. And Harry Reid claims to be helping the job situation? Really, Harry? Recent data shows Nevada ranks 50th in the money received from Harry's stimulus bill. That's right, Senate leader Harry Reid has gotten his own state less help than every other state but one. Along with bailouts, deficits and Obamacare, that's what Harry Reid's done for Nevada. Really, Harry? That's not the kind of help Nevada needs"

CO GOV, McInnis, "A Jobs Governor" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn0Ru7G2DeY&feature=player_embedded
MCINNIS: "Look what they've done. If you eat it, drink it, drive it, live in it, or even surf it, they've taxed it. No wonder we're losing jobs. This has got to stop. I'm Scott McInnis, and when I'm governor, it will." ANNCR: "Scott McInnis will open Colorado for business and create jobs." MCINNIS: "Here's the pen I'll use to veto every tax hike they send me, and get ready. I'm going to use it on spending too." ANNCR: "Cut spending, create jobs. For a Colorado that works, Scott McInnis. A jobs governor."

GA GOV, Baker, "Hire,"
BAKER: Growing up we didn't have much money. But my mother gave me something worth a whole lot more. An abiding faith that God and hard work would always make tomorrow better than today. Right now, Georgia's in trouble. But we'll fix it. With a hundred thousand new jobs, more instruction time for our kids and schools as good as any in the whole world. Sounds like hard work? But that's what you hire a governor to do.

OK GOV, Askins, "Ethics"
ASKINS: "Now is the time for ethics reform. As governor, I'll demand politicians be prohibited from giving someone a state contract and then turning around and taking campaign contributions from them. It's as obvious as right and wrong"

OK GOV, Askins, "Cleaning Up Government"

ASKINS: "Insider dealing, investigations, politicians working for themselves and not for you. As governor, I'll end business as usual. Cleaning up government isn't just about being tough, it's about being smart enough to make it happen" (youtube.com, 7/16).