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Ad watch: Today's best of the rest

In today's batch of ads, political newcomers continue to slam entrenched incumbents, while Jerry Moran plays up his support of the Bush tax cuts.

SD HOUSE, Hereth Sandlin, “A Lot’s Changed”
"[archival clip: I'm Stephanie Herseth and no political party has a monopoly on good ideas. It's why I'll always vote to do what's right for South Dakota.] That was six years ago when you first sent me to Congress and I'm as determined to be an independent voice for South Dakota today as I was then. It's why I voted against the bailouts and a trillion-dollar healthcare plan, but for expanding renewable energy and improving veterans benefits. I'm Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and I approve this message because a lot's changed since then, but not how I stand up for South Dakota."

AK SEN, “Joe Miller for U.S. Senate”

I’m Joe Miller. And I’m running for U.S. Senate because we have little time to change the course of our nation. We face a leadership crisis in D.C. Our elected officials are spending us into oblivion. We owe a staggering 13 trillion dollars to our creditors. Future unfunded obligations may exceed a hundred trillion dollars. This is intolerable. The incumbent's gotta go. Join with me to shake up D.C. ANNCR: Vote Joe Miller for U.S. Senate.

CO GOV, anti-Hickenlooper, “39,000”
39 thousand Denver jobs lost under John Hickenlooper’s high tax policies. Frontier airlines, a hometown company, told Hickenlooper taxes were too high. But Hickenlooper stuck to his high-tax agenda, forcing Frontier to move 200 jobs to Wisconsin. 140 more to Indiana. Just part of Denver’s 39,000 jobs lost under John Hickenlooper’s job-killing policies. John Hickenlooper, Bill Ritter. Politicians of the same stripe, raising taxes and killing jobs.

KS SEN, Moran, "No Interest"
MORAN: I've worked hard to make sure farmers and ranchers in Kansas have success. I voted to reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes and estate taxes - I've been a supporter of the Bush tax cuts and almost everything President Obama has opposed, I have been against. I have no interest in giving terrorists constitutional rights in the United States. Have opposed bringing terrorists to the United States for any reason, and don't believe under the constitution have constitutional rights.

NV SEN, anti-Reid (New Leadership for America PAC), "Reid"
ANNCR: Seen Harry Reid's latest TV ad? It's desperate, it's dirty, and worst of all, it's a lie. Sharron Angle won't phase out Social Security but she will end the way Congress raises Social Security to pay for their reckless spending. ANGLE: I want to save Medicare and Social Security. ANNCR: Sharron Angle will protect Social Security and Medicare so the government can't keep raiding it. So the next time you see Harry Reid's desperate negative ads, you'll know he's lying

NV SEN, Reid, “City Center: Sharron Angle Wouldn’t Have Fought to Save 22,000 NV Jobs”

"[Reid voiceover] I'm Harry Reid and I approve this message. [voiceover] City Center was in trouble. It was so dire the company had purchased fencing to shutter the project. Then, Harry Reid called the banks and they made their loans. Reid saved 22,000 jobs, but Sharron Angle wouldn't have saved City Center. [audio clip of Angle on the Alan Stock Radio Show: Would you have saved City Center? Angle: No, I would not.] 22,000 jobs and she wouldn't have lifted a finger. [Angle clip: As your U.S. Senator, I'm not in the business of creating jobs.] Sharron Angle's just too extreme."

WA SEN, Murray, "Never Forgotten"
Her dad was a disabled veteran. She asked to be on the Veterans Committee. Patty Murray passed the New GI Bill. So I could go to college. She improved medical care for military families. And increased military pay. Senator Murray stopped the VA from closing three hospitals. She got new vets clinics. And expanded veterans services all across the state. Patty Murray has never forgotten us vets. MURRAY: I’m Patty Murray and I sponsored this ad to make sure our vets are treated right.

WI SEN, Johnson, “Feingold Mud”
28 years in politics and Russ Feingold’s stuck in the mud. Feingold started his campaign slinging mud at Ron Johnson. Ron Johnson opposes drilling in the Great Lakes, and Russ Feingold knows it. Drilling is already illegal in the Great Lakes, and Feingold knows that too. Because he voted against the law that protected our lakes. That’s right. Feingold was the only Great Lakes senator to vote no. Feingold played politics. Partisan politician Russ Feingold. Stuck in the mud.