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Bloomberg, Alvin Greene: A tale of two pocketbooks

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign filed its final spending report, and it showed that the billionaire independent former Republican spent spent $109.2 million in 2009 -- for a less than 5-point victory over his Democratic opponent.

That means in three elections -- and we hope you're sitting down for this one -- Bloomberg's has spent $267.8 million:

2001: $74 million
2005: $84.6 million
2009: $109.2 million

The $109.2 million, by the way, is a record for a municipal election.

Alvin Greene, the embattled South Carolina Democratic Senate nominee, whose legitimacy has been questioned by his own party, won't be breaking any fundraising records.

He said he raised about $1,000, AP reports. (That would beat Roland Burris' punch line 2009 first quarter haul of $845.) Candidates do not have to file with the Federal Election Commission until they reach $5,000, per AP.

Sen. Jim DeMint, Greene's fall opponent, had more than $3.5 million cash on hand as of the May 31st.