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GOP watch: T-Paw urges budget sacrifices

In a Politico op-ed, Tim Pawlenty argues that President Obama needs to make sacrifices to whittle down the size of the budget deficit. “Obama and Congress should:
1. Set clear priorities but cut almost everything else. Not everything government does is equally important. When faced with a budget shortfall in Minnesota, we considered the importance of programs. We decided to protect funding for the most important ones: the National Guard, veterans’ support programs, public safety and K-12 schools.”

“Nearly everything else has been cut. Last year, we cut overall spending in real terms for the first time in the state’s 150-year history.”

“2. Reform out-of-control entitlements. By far, the biggest long-term driver of the federal debt is entitlement spending, including Social Security and Medicare. These programs are going to have to be changed. And despite Beltway rhetoric, it can be done.”