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How Democrats get to 60 on Wall Street reform

As you know, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will need 60 votes to break a Republican filibuster and pass the financial regulatory reform bill.

Let's tally the likely votes, shall we:
-- Current number in the Senate Democratic caucus: 58
-- Number of Democrats expected to vote against final regulation: 1 (Russ Feingold)
-- That drops number to 57

-- GOP Sen. Susan Collins is "inclined" to support bill
-- That brings the number back up to 58
-- GOP Sen. Scott Brown says today he "expects" to support bill
-- That brings the number up to 59
-- GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe told Reuters on Saturday that she's "still looking at it"

-- That would/could push it to 60... OR
-- If/when West Virginia Gov. Manchin appoints Byrd's replacement that would be 60 (without Snowe's support)

Note: Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell voted against financial reform when it passed the Senate in May, but after some fixes in the final version she announced her support.