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Ad Watch: Nevada candidates spar on jobs

Sen. Harry Reid and his Republican challenger Sharron Angle both release ads accusing each other of being neglectful of Nevada's unemployment rates. And the RGA has a web ad ridiculing Democratic gubernatorial candidate (and Sen. Reid's son) Rory Reid's hesitation to use his last name in campaign ads. In Michigan, the Foundation for a Secure America accuses Republican gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Mike Cox of obstructing an investigation into events at a party held by former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. And tomorrow, the re-election campaign for Washington D.C. mayor, Adrien Fenty will air the first of several ads leading up to the September 14th primary.

And in Florida's 19th state district, state Senate candidate Mike Weinstein's musical tribute ad goes viral.

DC Mayor, Fenty

WOMAN: Some people say Mayor Fenty is not delivering for people who live east of the Anacostia River. But I know different. He's rebulding Old Congress Heights School, it's been vacant for nearly 25 years. That's delivery. Mayor Fenty is different because he makes the hard decisions.

AZ Senate, Hayworth, "Mary Hayworth in J.D. Hayworth's First Campaign Advertisement"
M. HAYWORTH: "Tired of (Sen.) John McCain's (R) negative ads? So am I. I'm Mary Hayworth and John McCain is hiding his record behind false attacks on my husband. John McCain has sold out the people of Arizona on immigration, bailouts, and tax increases. Now John McCain has embraced character assassination to keep his job. John McCain should be ashamed. J.D.'s not perfect, but he is a principled conservative." J. HAYWORTH: "I'm J.D. Hayworth, and I approved this message"

CO SEN, Bennet, "Challenging the Old Ways"

ANNCR: "While others learned to read, you struggled to make sense of the page. And while others moved ahead, you stayed back. But in the end, you persevered. You fell in love with Susan, and the West. You became a leader in business, saving jobs and fixing companies. To help kids, you challenged the old way of doing things. And now you're asked to serve, so you set out to fix a broken Washington. For Colorado." BENNET: "I'm Michael Bennet, and I approve this message."

CT SEN, McMahon, "Whiteboard"
MCMAHON: "The career politicians have been busy. Working on all the wrong thing. Leaping from issue to issue without tackling the most important one: jobs. Politicians have had their chance and blown it. It's time to put Connecticut back to work. My detailed jobs plan is ready to go, and it's backed up by experience. I'm Linda McMahon. I approve this message because we have to concentrate on the one issue that really matters"

FL SEN, Greene, "One Million"

ANNCR: "One million Floridians are out of work -- and only one candidate for US Senate is a successful businessman who knows how to create jobs. Jeff Greene's plan to create lasting private sector jobs throughout Florida: Invest to make Florida the worldwide leader in clean energy, tax breaks for small business to hire new workers, and stop tax breaks for companies shipping our jobs overseas. Jeff Greene. No special interest money - just jobs and results for Florida. GREENE: "I'm Jeff Greene, and I approved this message"

IL SEN, Kirk, "Released" (radio)

ANNCR: "Alexi Giannoulias just released his taxes. The Tribune headline said quote 'Wealthy Giannoulias paid no taxes last year.' Endquote. Fox Chicago reported that Alexi is worth at least seven million dollars, but paid no taxes. How? Alexi's Broadway Bank collapsed from risky loans and loans to convicted mobsters. Alexi just deducted the money he lost on his tax return. Bingo. Pay no taxes, and the government's FDIC pays Broadway's $394 million dollar loss. But while Alexi pays no taxes, he thinks you don't pay enough taxes. Alexi wants higher federal income taxes, higher state income taxes, and higher energy taxes. Listen to Alexi:" GIANNOULIAS CLIP: "I have said from day one, as your state treasurer, that while politically it's not the smartest thing to say, we need an income tax increase." ANNCR: "Higher taxes for you. No taxes for Alexi Giannoulias." KIRK: "I'm Mark Kirk and I approved this message." ANNCR: "Paid for by Kirk for Senate. KirkforSenate.com"

KS SEN, Tiahrt, "Stand Tall"

TIAHRT: "Here in Kansas we're taught to stand up for what we believe. Yet where my opponent and I stand is very different. He votes to raise taxes and I will do everything I can to cut them. He votes to give terrorists constitutional rights. I believe terrorists deserve no rights. And where he saw promise in Pelosi taking over Washington. I saw nothing but trouble and said so. I'm Todd Tiahrt candidate for US Senate and I approve this message.Because if you and I don't stand up.who will?"

NV SEN, Reid, "Sharron Angle Wouldn't Fight for Nevada Jobs"
GARLAND WELCH, CARPENTER: You felt lucky, working on a job like this. But when Wall Street greed crashed the economy, everything stopped. Sharron Angle says it's not a Senator's job to fight for jobs. That we're on our own. ANGLE: People ask me what are you going to do to develop jobs in your state? Well that's not my job as a U.S. Senator. WELCH: Not her job? ANGLE: I am not in the business of creating jobs. To me it seems like the only job Sharron Angle wants to fight for is hers.

NV SEN, Angle, "Now"
TEXT: When Harry Reid became Senate Majority Leader unemployment was only 4.4%. Now, [headlines] "Nevada unemployment hits 14%, leads nation." "Nevada is tops in unemployment." "Unemployment falls in 37 states - rises in Nevada." "Nevada overtakes Michigan for nation's worst." "Nevada's jobless rate continues to rise... as most states have seen unemployment declines." "Nevada takes dubious jobless title from Michigan." "In just three years, Nevada's economy has fallen from one of the strongest performing to possibly the weakest." "Since Harry Reid has become majority leader, 135,000 more Nevadans are unemmployed." Help is on the way. Visit SharronAngle.com.

NV SEN, pro-Angle, (Americans for New Leadership)
ANNCR: "Seen Harry Reid's latest TV ad? It's desperate, it's dirty and most of all, it's a lie. Sharron Angle doesn't want to 'phase out' Social Security. She wants to phase out the way Harry Reid and Congress raid Social Security for their reckless spending." ANGLE (in a clip): "He has been raiding Social Security and what we need to do is personalize Social Security and Medicare so that the government can no longer raid it." ANNCR: "Sharron Angle will protect Social Security. The next time you see Harry Reid's negative ads, you'll know he's lying. And that's the truth"

WI SEN, Johnson, "Tipping Point"

JOHNSON: "This 234 year-old experiment that we call America, it is something incredibly precious, and it is being squandered through unsustainable debt, unsustainable spending -- and my concern is we have reached that tipping point. And if we don't pull back from that tipping point we are going to lose the idea and the promise of America. We are committing inter-generational theft, and it is immoral. One thing I can guarantee if I go to Washington, I am going there to fix these problems. I'm Ron Johnson, I'm running for Senate, and I approve this message"

MI GOV, anti-Cox (Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America), "Mike Cox and Kwame Kilpatrick"

ANNCR: "You've heard about the party at former Mayor Kilpatrick's residence. It's the party that Attorney General Mike Cox said never happened. But a former Detroit police officer said she dispatched several cars to the scene that night. Funny. The next day, tapes of the dispatch calls were missing. And Mike Cox? He stopped his investigation and never issued the subpoenas requested by the Michigan state police. They wanted to talk to Mayor Kilpatrick and his wife, but because Cox shut down the investigation and refused to issue subpoenas, they could not get witnesses to cooperate nor medical records for an exotic dancer who was allegedly beaten after dancing at the party that evening. That woman, Tamara Greene, was later murdered. Call Mike Cox and ask why he refused to give Michigan state police the subpoenas they requested to investigate. His number is 517-373-1110. It's not too late. It's still an open case.

NV GOV, anti-Reid (RGA), "Rory Reid's Name Used in an Ad?

WY GOV, Meyer, "Determined"

ANNCR: "Rita Meyer. She grew up poor, but persevered and earned two degrees at UW. She ran a successful business, spent 23 years in the Wyoming Air Guard, served in Iraq, commanded a unit in Afghanistan and retired a full Colonel. Now, she's our state auditor, managing the state budget and running a tight ship. Rita Meyer -- she's defended our freedoms and earned our trust. Good experience to be our next governor. Rita Meyer"