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Intensity and the 'Combat Bible'

Two priceless ads out of Missouri we didn't mention yesterday, but thought we'd get up today. Do you think they should crack our top 10? Thoughts? (Hat tip: Politico's Martin.)

This one is for state senate... Was this ad made by Linda McMahon?

What exactly is a "Combat Bible"? This is for MO-8.

Here's how St. Louis Today's Political Fix blog sums it up: "Sowers taught at West Point and served in the Army special forces -- and the "combat bible" he says he brought with him in the field. ... The ad hits a lot of key notes for a rookie candidate running to unseat a longtime incumbent in a Republican district: It's no accident that Sowers, a Democrat, recites the phrase 'new blood' twice in the 30-second ad -- but does not mention his partisan affiliation once."

(By the way, does Cillizza, Blake, Sonmez and WaPo know this other "Fix" blog exists?)