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Ad Watch: Gun Control

In his new campaign ad for Alabama agricultural commissioner, Republican John McMillan takes a markedly different approach from his first ad, which featured the gun-toting, tough-talking viral phenom Dale Peterson. In the new commercial, McMillan appears in controlled settings, like a laboratory and a business meeting, with nary a gun in sight.

Like Rep. Roy Blunt's ad, in which the Republican Senate hopeful touts his teaching career and features foreboding images of Capitol Hill -- while neglecting to mention his 7 terms in Congress -- Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D), also running for Senate, says only that he was a sheriff for 25 years and criticizes what they do "out in Washington."

Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold (D) has a new radio ad playing up his opposition to the TARP fund as evidence he will continue to be an "independent voice" for his constituents, and Sen. Harry Reid (D) also has a new TV ad using a new VA hospital being built in Nevada to further his campaign slogan: "No One Can Do More."

AL Ag Commish, McMillan, "Has What it Takes"
ANNCR: The job of commissioner of agriculture and industries is not just about farming. There's a lot more to it than people think. A budget of almost $40 million and over 500 employees. And the commissioner is responsible for making sure we have clean drinking water and a safe food supply. And that's no small job. In other words, our next Commissioner should be as at home working with scientists as he is on a tractor and as comfortable in a business meeting as his own front porch. There's only one man perfect for the job. John McMillan. Republican for commissioner.

AZ SEN, McCain, "Buyer Beware"
ANNCR: "When word got out that (ex-Rep.) J.D. Hayworth (R) starred in an infomercial for a shady company promoting free government money, Hayworth's response was..." HAYWORTH: "Yeah, I appeared in this. One of the staples I learned growing up is caveat emptor -- buyer beware." HAYWORTH: "Buyer beware, buyer beware." ANNCR: "J.D. Hayworth. Pork barrel spender. Lobbyist. Huckster. Voter beware." MCCAIN: "I'm John McCain and I approved this message"

AZ SEN, McCain, "Buyer Beware -- Tuscon"
ANNCR: "J.D. Hayworth was paid to star in an infomercial promising free government money. It was a scam. News 4 in Tucson said the information they were trying to sell was available for free, and that the so-called free seminars often cost thousands to attend. J.D. Hayworth. Pork barrel spender. Lobbyist. Huckster"

IN SEN, Ellsworth, "At Stake"

ELLSWORTH: One thing that 25 years as a sherriff teaches you is zero tolerance for bull. There's too much at stake. But out in Washington it's like they live and breathe the stuff. They waste our money. They take care of special interests. And they don't care if lobbyists write the laws. Or if our jobs get shipped overseas. I'm Brad Ellsworth. And I approve this message because the special interests and lobbyists already have enough senators on their side.

MO SEN, Blunt, "Education and Hard Work"
I'm Roy Blunt. My mom and dad were dairy farmers. My grandmothers were one-room schoolteachers. I became the first one from my family to graduate from college. I became a high school teacher and later a university president. I was taught there was nothing you couldn't achieve through education and hard work. But now, that America's threatened. Irresponsible spending and crippling debt are killing jobs today and our children's future tomorrow. That's wrong and I'll fight to change it. I'm Roy Blunt and I approve this message.

OH SEN, Portman, "Job Killer Energy Tax"
PORTMAN: There's a new energy tax coming our way from Washington that's a jobs killer in Ohio, called cap and trade. For a tax turning on a light, using our computer, or even cooking dinner. And our factories are hit particularly hard. It could cost Ohio a hundred thousand jobs we cannot afford to lose. There's a better way to have a cleaner environment, stop our dependence on foreign oil, and add jobs. Learn more about it, in the Portman plan for jobs, at RobPortman.com.

WI SEN, Feingold, "Penny Pincher" (radio)
Hi this is Russ Feingold. The people of Wisconsin want someone working hard for them. Not the special interests in Washington. So that's what I've done. I listened to you and opposed bailouts and bonuses for the big banks on Wall Street. Now that doesn't win me a lot of friends in Washington, but neither does my fight to stop pay raises for Congress. In Wisconsin, we don't spend money we don't have. We pinch our pennies. That's how we do things here. And Washington needs to learn that lesson. That's why I will continue to be an independent voice, who's tough on government spending and will stand up to both political parties. My Control Spending Now plan will cut wasteful and worthless Washington spending, and enact real reforms to rein in Congress. Maybe I won't make a lot of new friends. But at least you'll have one fighting for you and future generations. I'm Russ Feingold and I approve this message because we need to move forward together.

NV SEN, Reid, "Sen. Harry Reid Works Tirelessly for Nevada Veterans"
JOHNSTON: "When I was in Vietnam, Agent Orange really messed me up. No VA hospital in Vegas can treat me. I have to travel to San Diego." On screen text: "Harry Reid's getting a new VA hospital built in Nevada." JOHNSTON: "It's hard." On screen text: "Soon 63,000 vets can get treated in Nevada. Not California." JOHNSTON: "The VA hospital's being built for one reason: Harry Reid." REID: "I'm Harry Reid and I approve this message"

AL GOV, Byrne, "Republicans Speak Out"

WOMAN 1: "We don't support AEA and the Democrats, and they support Robert Bentley." MAN 1: "AEA and Democrat bosses are trying to steal our Republican primary." MAN 2: "They're for Bentley." WOMAN 2: "AEA is attacking Bradley Byrne for him." MAN 3: "That's why they've spent millions of dollars to try and destroy his reputation." MAN 2: "Robert Bentley sure does not act like a Republican." WOMAN 1: "He took $10,000 of their money." MAN 4: "That doesn't sound conservative to me." WOMAN 1: "He turned a blind eye to AEA double dipping." MAN 2: "And that bothers me." MAN 4: "Alabama needs a leader. Bentley isn't. I'm voting Byrne"

AL GOV, Byrne, "Fight Back"
RILEY: "We don't support gambling. We do not support the AEA. We don't want them in our primary. And we don't want anyone that wants them in our primary." ANNCR: "Gov. Riley's right. AEA bosses and Democrats in the Republican primary, attacking Bradley Byrne for Robert Bentley. Bentley says no negative ads while AEA attacks Bradley Byrne. Bentley refused to fight AEA double-dipping, pushed a $100,000 tax increase supported by AEA. AEA Democrats stealing our primary. Fight back. Vote Bradley Byrne

AL GOV, Bentley, "Own Two Feet"
BENTLEY: "Growing up in Shelby County, I learned to stand on my own two feet. I'm not from a political family. I'm not backed by powerful interests. I've served my country and my state and my patients with honesty and integrity. I wouldn't leave my patients and give up a third of my time and pay to serve as a legislator to have special interests tell me what to do. The only special interests I'll ever serve is you, the people of Alabama." ANNCR: "Robert Bentley for governor. Principled, conservative leadership" (Youtube, 7/2).

MN GOV, anti-Emmer (Alliance for a better Minnesota), "Failed"
ANNCR: Ordinary Minnesotans are facing tough times. We need a leader who will fight for us. But Tom Emmer sided with Governor Pawlenty and opposed a plan that would force corporations and CEOs to pay their fair share of taxes. The Emmer/Pawlenty plan created a huge deficit, and cut things Minnesotans rely on. They cut education, job training, and health care. Making it harder to get our economy back on track. Minnesotans can't afford another four years of Tim Pawlenty and Tom Emmer's failed agenda.

NY GOV, Lazio, "Problems," (web)
TEXT: How big are New York's problems? NY unemployment rate 8.8%. New York State's three year projected deficit is greater than the GDP of 103 countries. FY 2011 projected deficit: $9.2 billion. $9.2 billion would purchase 468,790 Ford Fusions. When placed bumper to bumper, would stretch from Buffalo to Albany... almost 5 times. $1.2 billion tax increase for 2010. $1.2 billion could pay for the average salary, $47,610, of 25,405 New Yorkers. New York deserves better. Rick Lazio. New ideas. New leadership.

OR GOV, Dudley, "Drive,"
DUDLEY: We need somebody who comes from the outside to change what is wrong with our government. ANNCR: Working his way through Yale. A leader of the NBA players' union. Starting a foundation to help kids overcome diabetes. GERALD GRAVES, BUSINESS ASSOCIATE: Chris has an amazing drive and focus. He has an amazing sort of intellectual curiosity. BILLY HUNTER, PRESIDENT, NBA PLAYERS UNION: The guy was always hard working, just tenacious, dogged, highly respected. RON KLEMPNER, NBA PLAYERS UNION COUNSEL: He knew how to approach people in order to bridge whatever differences that they had. DUDLEY: I'm ready to lead our comeback.

TN GOV, Haslam, "Leading in Difficult Times"
HASLAM: "What's the best way to prepare for being a governor in tough times? Running a business in tough times. Leading a city in tough times. Developing a conservative budget and then living within your means. I've done that, time and time again. We can do it in Tennessee. Someone in charge who's been in charge before. That's what matters now"