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Ellsworth ad takes on the lobbyists (and Coats)

In his campaign's first TV ad, Indiana Democratic Senate nominee Brad Ellsworth criticizes the "lobbyists and special interests" in Washington. Of course, that's a not-so-subtle dig at GOP opponent Dan Coats, who is a former D.C. lobbyist.

The question this TV ad seems to raise is who is more Washington -- Ellsworth (a two-term current member of Congress) or Coats (former congressman, senator, and lobbyist)?*** UPDATE *** The National Republican Senatorial Committee responds to the ad: "The fact remains that Congressman Ellsworth stood with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and rubberstamped their reckless spending agenda in Washington – including their government health care bill and stimulus debacle – which have driven the national debt past $13 trillion and hurt thousands of Indiana jobs."