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Congress: Charlie Rangel's world

The AP takes a long look at the personal side of Charlie Rangel and his relationship with other members of Congress: "His wife, Alma, warns him not to be naive about the glad-handling. 'You know,' she tells him, 'they're putting you on.' ... 'She says it's unseemly,' Rangel says of his wife's advice. 'I say, 'Suppose it's not real. As long as they keep saying these things until I die, what difference does it make?' But he admits, 'It's still painful. It's times like this when I have to reinforce the facts: I'm alive, I'm well, and 60 years ago I could have died when I was surrounded by hundreds of Chinese' in the Korean War."

Roll Call again highlights the legislative graveyard that has become the Senate.

"Chief Deputy Minority Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) last week asked Republican Members to fill out a three-page 'private survey' reporting what constituents have told them are the most important issues facing the country," Roll Call writes. "The poll is part of the America Speaking Out project, a multipronged effort launched by House Republican leaders in May to gather ideas for their new agenda from citizens around the country. Republicans expect to release the final policy document in September."