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First Read's Top 10 TV ads

If it's Friday, it's time for another First Read Top 10 list. Today's is our look at what we consider the top TV ads of the cycle, so far:

10. Pamela, Get Your Gun: This ad shows Arizona congressional candidate Pamela Gorman (R) delivering fire -- not at her opponent, but rather at a target range.
9. Kirk vs. Giannoulias, Part 1: In what might be the most heated general election campaign right now, Illinois Senate Mark Kirk (R) went up with this TV ad hitting opponent Alexi Giannoulias' (D) family bank.
8. Kirk vs. Giannoulias, Part 2: And then Giannoulias fired back -- though not Pamela Gorman-style -- with this ad blasting Kirk's misrepresentations about his record.
7. Meet Alan Grayson: No one has ever accused Florida Rep. Alan Grayson (D) of being shy, and this Grayson TV ad sums up Grayson well: provocative, liberal, and not holding back.
6. Bradley Byrne Believes In Evolution! This TV ad blasted Alabama gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne (R) for believing in evolution -- and not believing that everything in the Bible is true. This run-off is July 13.
5. Lowden's Scientology Hit: The TV ad Sue Lowden ran against Sharron Angle (R) in Nevada's GOP primary -- criticizing her support for a Scientology-backed program to give massages to inmates -- is something Harry Reid (D) will certainly use in the fall.
4. The "Dang Fence": John McCain's tough-on-immigration TV ad -- even though it's a reversal for him (in either tone or substance) -- is one of the reasons why he remains the front-runner in his GOP primary against J.D. Hayworth.
3. "Gather Your Armies": It's not every day you see a congressional candidate run a TV ad suggesting taking up arms against our government, but that's what Alabama's Rick Barber does here. Note: This TV ad hasn't run on Alabama TV; it was instead an Internet sensation.
2. Dale Peterson: In a cycle of colorful -- and over-the-top -- Alabama ads, this one by Alabama ag commissioner candidate Dale Peterson (R) is our favorite. Peterson didn't win his race, but he followed up with this endorsement.
1. Demon Sheep: The one and the only… And by the way -- as crazy as it might sound -- it helped Fiorina beat Tom Campbell for the GOP nomination in California.

***UPDATE*** This week's First Read Top 10 poll temporarily disappeared due to a technical glitch.