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The midterms: Kirk's big haul

CONNECTICUT: “Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley's 1994 divorce was so bitter and contentious that 12 years later, the White House asked him to obtain a signed statement from his former wife --saying that he had never threatened or physically abused her -- before he was approved in 2006 as then- President George W. Bush’s ambassador to Ireland,” the Hartford Courant finds.

ILLINOIS: "Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk has $4 million in the bank after raising $2.3 million this spring, his campaign said today," the Chicago Tribune reports. "Aides said the campaign raised more than $1 million alone in June -- a month in which the Republican was forced to acknowledge and apologize for embellishing his resume, including his military record."

KANSAS: The fact that the two Republican Senate candidates are accusing each other of wasteful spending, despite Rep. Jerry Moran’s earmarks for a Kansas opera house and his primary opponent Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s funding of an inflatable tennis court dome, the AP writes that “in congressional campaigns across the country, one of the age-old tools for getting elected -- bringing home the federal bacon for your district -- has suddenly begun to backfire as government spending becomes a central issue in the midterm election.”

KENTUCKY: “In a troubling move for Democrats, Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo refused Wednesday to say if he would endorse his party's candidate in Kentucky's U.S. Senate race,” the AP writes.

Rand Paul raised more than $1 million in the second quarter.