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Wilford Brimley weighs into WY-GOV

A candidate in Wyoming's crowded Republican primary for governor has received an unusual celebrity endorsement, from actor Wilford Brimley.

"My wife and I met with Rita Meyer in our home, and after a very pleasant visit, we decided to support her," Brimley says in a 60-second radio commercial that began running in the state this week.

"She assured me she'd do her utmost to keep the federal government out of our business and, most of all, out of our wallets."

Brimley also endorsed John McCain in the 2008 presidential election.

In addition to Meyer, who is Wyoming’s state auditor, other Republicans running for governor are Colin Simpson, son of former US Sen. Alan Simpson; Matt Mead, grandson of former US Sen. Cliff Hansen; former state legislator Ron Micheli; John Self, a retiree; Tom Ubben, an energy company employee; and Alan Kousoulos, a shop supervisor for the state Department of Transportation.

Brimley has appeared in several major films, including The China Syndrome, Cocoon, The Natural, and The Firm, and TV commercials for Quaker Oats and Liberty Medical. He and his wife live in the northern Wyoming ranching and farming community of Greybull.

Though other actors have connections in Wyoming, most notably Harrison Ford, who has a house near Jackson, they seldom endorse political candidates.