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Boehner: Obama 'whining,' 'childish'

From NBC's Luke Russert and Carrie Dann:
Derided by President Obama yesterday for his comments about financial reform, House Minority Leader John Boehner is set to hit back today, saying that the president is "whining" and "making excuses" for the nation's economic woes.

According to prepared remarks to be delivered later this morning, Boehner is to say, in part:

"For someone who asked to be held to the highest standard, President Obama spends an awful lot of time making excuses and whining about others. The American people want leadership from the White House, not childish partisanship."

Boehner will also criticize what he calls the president's lack of leadership on economic policies, focusing on persistently high levels of unemployment -- especially among minorities:

"With the President failing to lead, Democrats are rushing out of town to watch fireworks and eat macaroni salad instead of getting the American people's work done."

Boehner faced a public-relations assault yesterday from Democrats after he said that the financial-reform bill pending completion in Congress amounts to "killing an ant with a nuclear weapon."

Obama said yesterday in Racine, Wisc., that Boehner's comment illustrates that he is "out of touch."