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Congress: House passes financial reform

The House goes first -- again... "The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a massive restructuring to the nation’s financial laws last night, but the Senate canceled plans to vote on the legislation this week after Senator Scott Brown said he was not ready to pledge support for the measure. The House, voting 237 to 192, capped an intense, yearlong debate spearheaded by Representative Barney Frank, who was hailed with handshakes, hugs, and applause from Democrats after the vote. The new legislation would bolster consumer protections, create an oversight council, and restrict financial institutions from making some of the risky maneuvers that contributed to the near-collapse of the economy in 2008."

Roll Call: "With the Senate failure of an unemployment benefits bill and the fate of a major financial reform bill in peril, Democrats appeared to be limping into the July Fourth recess with less to brag about than they had hoped."

The AP: "Sen. Robert C. Byrd is making his final sojourn to a Senate chamber that for 51 years echoed with his impassioned speeches and came to be the place he called home. Byrd, who died Monday at age 92, was to lie in repose for six hours in the Senate chamber, his casket resting on the Lincoln Catafalque, a bier that was built for the coffin of Abraham Lincoln."

But Senate cameras apparently won't be there to capture it, The Hill reports.