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The midterms: DeMint to stump for Buck

ALABAMA: Robert Bentley, a Republican candidate for governor, defended himself yesterday against criticism from veterans who said an ad saying Bentley treated soldiers who fought in Vietnam (while not mentioning Bentley never served there), the AP reports.

FLORIDA: “After weeks of denying it, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum has disclosed that he is raising money for two of three secretive political committees attacking his primary opponent, Rick Scott,” the Florida First Initiative and the Sunshine State Freedom Fund, the Tampa Tribune reported.

Also yesterday, Scott “attacked his Republican primary rival today for having backed former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 2008.”

NEVADA: The 527 running ads against Harry Reid, American Crossroads, extended its ad buy a week.

OHIO: In a campaign stop for Senate nominee Lee Fisher, “Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that Democrats may be vulnerable in the summer but voters will look at contrasts in the fall,” the AP writes. “Biden, noting the science center overlooking Lake Erie, also said ‘Republicans don't believe in science.’”

SOUTH CAROLINA: After endorsing him in April, “South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, a Tea Party idol and aspiring conservative kingmaker, is coming to Colorado next week to rally supporters on behalf of Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck,” South Carolina station KDVR reports.

VIRGINIA: “Freshman Rep. Tom Perriello (D) is ramping up his reelection campaign, putting a pair of television spots on the air touting his efforts to boost the economy in Virginia's 5th district,” the Washington Post writes.

WEST VIRGINIA: “Charleston Mayor Danny Jones (R) said Wednesday morning that he believes the state legislature will take up legislation that would move the special election [to fill late Sen. Robert Byrd’s seat] to this year,” the Washington Post writes. “According to local reports, Jones said he has reason to believe Gov. Joe Manchin (D) will add the issue to the slate for a special session next month. (The special session, which is focused on education, is set to start on July 19.)”