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Ad Watch: Giannoulias hits back

A day after Rep. Mark Kirk released two attack ads meant to deflect criticism from his own mistakes to his opponent's history at his family's failed bank, Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias is up with a new ad compiling some of the misstatements Kirk wants voters to forget about.

IL SEN, Giannoulias, "On and On"
REPORTER: Mark Kirk is caught in a lie. KIRK: I was the Navy's Intelligence Officer of the Year. REPORTER:S He claimed a military award he actually never won. Congressman Mark Kirk's explaining a second false claim where what he said about his military record did not match what actually happened. KIRK: The last time I was in Iraq I was in uniform and the Iraqi air defense network was shooting at us. REPORTERS: Not exactly. In fact there's no record of that attack. He has said that he had served in Iraq. KIRK: I served in Iraq and Afghanistan. REPORTER: Kirk's claim he fought in the first Iraq war was not true. Still more questions tonight about Congressman Mark Kirk's military record. KIRK: I command the war room at the Pentagon. REPORTERS: Kirk does serve in the Pentagon's alert center, but does not command it. He did violate Pentagon rules; twice, actually, for improperly mingling politics with his military service. We're starting to see one lie after another, after another. What is it that makes people think that they can get away with lying about their record?

IL SEN, Kirk, "Risky"
Alexi Giannoulias is only thirty four years old. But what a 34 years it's been! At his father's bank Alexi made tens of millions of risky loans to convicted mobsters. Then the bank collapsed. As treasurer, he made risky investments that cost families 73 million in lost college savings. Now running for Senate, Alexi supports higher taxes to fund billions more in spending. Alexi Giannoulias. Trust him with your money?

IL SEN, Kirk, "Stand"
America's biggest environmental disaster. Where do the candidates stand? Mark Kirk won praise for helping stop BP when it tried to pollute Lake Michigan. The Chicago Sun-Times wrote, Kirk quote, fought hard to stop BP from dumping more waste into the lake. In contrast, Alexi Giannoulias's top aide was a longtime BP lobbyist. And now Alexi says higher energy taxes are on the table. Kirk and Giannoulias. Big differences on the environment and taxes.

DNC, anti-Boehner (web) "Ants? Really, John Boehner?"
ANNCR: This week John Boehner compared Wall Street reform to killing an ant with a nuclear weapon. Congressman Boehner, this is a bunch of ants. FOX: The economy is in crisis. ANNCR: This is the 2008 financial crisis. MSNBC: Money, jobs, even major businesses all evaporating because of worries of a financial crisis. CNN: Markets have frozen up. ABC: There's talk of a collapse, a crash, maybe even another Great Depression. SHELBY: We're now facing the most serious economic crisis, as Chairman Dodd said, in a generation. Congressman Boehner, any questions?

VA-5, Periello, "New Jobs"

PERIELLO: I know times have been tough for Virginia families. That's why I'm so serious about jobs and economic relief for you. And while producing results back on Main Street, I've been fighting hard to bring Main Street values to Washington. Fought to add new jobs at dairy farms. And landfill projects that turn methane waste into clean energy. While I strongly opposed the big bank bailouts, we've added jobs, bringing broadband internet to over 120 public schools, while closing the tax loopholes rewarding companies for sending our jobs overseas. We've also added jobs to construct new park trails. And protect jobs here, in law enforcement. While providing economic relief in the form of tax cuts to 98% of Virginia families. We've added construction jobs to rebuild roads and bridges. While making health care more affordable and secure for our seniors and small business owners. And added more jobs to weatherize local homes. All this without taking a single dollar from federal lobbyists for my campaign. I'm Tom Periello and I support this message because I guarantee that no one will work harder to bring jobs to Virginia.

MN GOV, Dayton, "Fair Share"
Tim Pawlenty has protected tax loopholes for the richest Minnesotans while cutting education funding for our children. Mark Dayton says it's wrong. DAYTON: We're gonna make the rich pay their fair share in taxes. If the richest Minnesotans paid the same percent of their income in state and local taxes as everybody else that would be over 4 billion dollars in additional revenue. That would go a long way to solving our deficit. Being able to fund our schools, being able to reduce class sizes, if the rich can afford to pay their fair share they should pay their fair share and if I'm governor they will pay their fair share.

Dayton, "A Government as Good as Our People"
Mark Dayton will close the tax loophole for the rich. DAYTON: The richest Minnesotans can avoid paying their fair share in taxes, that will change when I'm governor. MAN: Same old story, it's nothing new. It'd be great to see that happen. DAYTON: I'm gonna take that money and invest it in our schools, make the better quality education for young people, for college students, for families who can't afford tuitions. I'm going to make the richest Minnesotans pay their fair share in taxes so you pay less taxes. ANNCR: Isn't it time to have a government that's as good as our people? WOMAN: That's what we need. Dayton. Governor. For a better Minnesota.

League of Conservation Voters, SEIU, Sierra Club and VoteVets Action fund, "Front Line"
KEVIN JOHNSON: In Iraq, my batallion helped protect oil supplies from insurgent attack. Today, I'm helping to put up wind farms across America. This year, thousands of soldiers will return home. Looking to get on with their lives. Senator Claire McCaskill is making that a little bit easier. Voting to hold oil companies accountable and creating thousands of clean energy jobs across Missouri. Thank Senator McCaskill and tell her to keep fighting for a clean energy climate plan and the Missouri jobs that come with it.

League of Conservation Voters, SEIU, Sierra Club and VoteVets Action fund, "Clean Up"

WORKER: We pulled one out of the water this morning. Completely covered in oil. Name's Senator Richard Burr. ANNCR: Sen. Burr's record is a little... oily. Big oil has showered him with hundreds of thousands of campaign cash. And when it came time to hold polluters accountable, Sen. Burr voted no. WORKER: We're trying our best out here. But until he supports clean energy climate legislation, I don't think we can save him.

AZ-3, Gorman
This year a lot of folks think this is our best shot at changing Congress. Of course, that all depends on the caliber of our candidates. [Gorman shooting] Meet Pamela Gorman. Candidate for Congress in Arizona 3. Conservative Christian. And a pretty fair shot. The insiders in the state Senate wanted to have her hide when she fought against their plan for higher taxes. But Gorman? She can take care of herself. Rated 100% by the NRA. Conservative Pamela Gorman is always right on target.

CT GOV, Lamont, "Independent"
LAMONT: "We made a difference." ANNCR: "He took on the political establishment. Republicans and Democrats alike, to bring about real change. Ned Lamont. Now, he's running for governor because we need an independent voice to shake things up in Hartford and do what's needed to help Connecticut families. Create jobs and get our economy back on track." LAMONT: "For decades, the politicians have been throwing money at big businesses. They've gotten richer, but we have little to show for it." ANNCR: "Ned Lamont's plan? Eliminate no-bid contracts, stop the pay-to-play system, end corporate giveaways and help small businesses to hire more employees." LAMONT: "What you want to do is go up to Hartford and be your own man, be independent with no strings attached and that's one of the promises I'm making to the people of Connecticut. I'm going to be nobody's man but yours." ANNCR: "Ned Lamont. Independent. The best experience to take on the career politicians in Hartford." LAMONT: "I'm Ned Lamont and I approve this message."

CA GOV, anti-Whitman (CA Working Families), "World"

ANNCR: "Whitman says she'll run California like her company, but is that what we need? As CEO, Whitman hid her profits offshore to avoid paying taxes. She ranked second among CEOs for personal use of corporate jets. That's Whitman's world. And her plan for California? Tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy, but nothing for the middle class. And our schools? 'They can do more with less.' Tell Whitman, in the world we live in, her plan won't fly"

NV SEN, anti-Reid, (American Crossroads) "Really"

ANNCR: "Harry Reid says, 'No one can do more' than he can. Really, Harry?" REID (in a clip from the Senate floor): "Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good." ANNCR: "Really, Harry? No wonder Nevada now has the highest unemployment in the nation. Bailouts. Deficits. ObamaCare. No one can do more? Really, Harry? For Nevadans, haven't you done enough?" (release, 6/29).

CO SEN, Norton, "Fit Right In"

ANNCR: "Have you ever heard of Ken Buck? Better find out. Ken Buck's a government lawyer running for Senate. A government lawyer who doesn't follow the rules. As a lawyer in Bill Clinton's administration, Ken Buck was investigated for ethics violations, improperly undermining the prosecution of pawn shop owner Gregory Golyansky. Buck's unethical conduct earned him a reprimand from U.S. Attorney John Suthers. In official documents, Suthers said Buck had shown a 'reckless disregard' for his obligations as a prosecutor. Suthers made Ken Buck take ethics classes, and Buck left office under a cloud. You can read all about Ken Buck's scandal in the Denver Post. Now, Ken Buck is running for Senate. Washington is already full of politicians who need ethics courses. Ken Buck: he'd fit right in." NORTON: "I'm Jane Norton, running for Senate. I approve this message." ANNCR: "Paid for by Jane Norton for Colorado."