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Obama's local stop

President Obama is in Racine, Wisc., talking now about the economy and will make some choice remarks on Republicans. But before the speech, like a candidate, he stopped off for some local grub.

This time, it was a pastry called a kringle (pictured right).

NBC's Ellie Hall adds: According to this (very old) NY Times article, Racine is one biggest centers of Danish culture in America. The bakery Obama visited today is mentioned in the piece.

Here's AP's report:

The rap on President Barack Obama is that he doesn't show enough emotion. But on Wednesday, a pastry made him happy. En route to a town hall event on the economy, Obama made a surprise detour to O&H Danish Bakery, purveyor of a delicacy called a kringle -- a large round flat pastry with a hole in the middle. Obama walked in with his jacket off and sleeves rolled up and shook hands with the dozen patrons in the store. He sampled a pecan kringle, proclaimed it "outstanding" and added: "It makes you happy."

He ordered one pecan and one cherry. A saleswoman recommended the cheese as well, so he said, "Let's get a third!" He insisted on paying full price -- $7.45 each.