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Kagan: Wrapping up Day 2

The Boston Globe's front page: "Senators pounce, Kagan parries." The paper's lead: Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan came under blistering attack yesterday from a leading Republican who, on the second day of her confirmation hearing, said she went too far by limiting military recruitment when she was dean of Harvard Law School. Kagan strongly defended her record on that issue and an array of others during round after round of sharp questioning led by Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. In doing so, she responded confidently and injected doses of humor into the long hours of sometimes-tense dialogue."

Here's Pete Williams' Nightly News piece wrapping the hearing.

Speaking of Sessions, Politifact writes that he was operating with a "half truth" when it came to Kagan and pamphlets. And he got a "Barely True" when he said she "violated the law of the United States at various points" with her opposition to military recruiters. Kagan, for her part, got a "full flop" on how forthcoming a SCOTUS nominee should be.

The AP says Kagan "displayed a cool demeanor and a sense of humor during her Senate Judiciary Committee hearing" and "was expected to move one step closer Wednesday to succeeding Justice John Paul Stevens, barring a major gaffe. Republicans who oppose her nomination will need to resort to a filibuster to block a confirmation vote, a prospect that seems less and less likely. A few uncomfortable exchanges with Republican senators about her treatment of the military and her political views didn't slow down Kagan during Tuesday's hearing."

Yesterday's hearing was notable for something that's not usually seen in serious congressional confirmation hearings -- humor and crisp, straightforward responses. The AP wraps some of Kagan's responses.