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Slavery, Nazis, Glenn Beck, historical dress up -- all in one ad

Rick Barber, the Tea Party Republican whose controversial "Gather Your Armies" ad seemed to advocate armed resistance against the Obama administration, has gone one step further in his latest Web video, called "Slavery." It features Dale Peterson of rifle-toting "Ag Commish" ad fame and Glenn Beck, compares the U.S. government to a slave system and even uses a shot from a Nazi concentration camp -- all in one video.

Barber also continues his conversations with men dressed up as historical American figures. He asks George Washington, "Mr. President, some argue that you would have been in favor of this tyrannical health care bill because you enforced the Whiskey Act of 1791, but that was an excise tax, levied to service the military debt incurred by the Revolutionary War, a legitimate function of government, correct?"

Washington nods, and Barber, a pool hall owner, then turns his attention to -- Abraham Lincoln.

"Hey Abe," he declares, "if someone's forced to work for months to pay taxes so that a total stranger can get a free meal, medical procedure or a bailout, what's that called? What's it called when one man is forced to work for another?"

A slightly worse-for-wear Lincoln replies gravely in a deep, drawn out rumble of a voice, "Slavery."

That's followed by a montage depicting scenes of slavery in America, prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, and ends on the iconic, "Arbeit Macht Frei" gate at the entrance of the Sachsenhausen camp.

We've said it more than once this midterm season, but according to First Read's Law, the first to bring up Nazis in politics, loses the argument.

Later in the video, several "founding fathers" join with Barber's "army" of supporters appear behind him, which includes an armed Dale Peterson, as he urges viewers "Don't be afraid. Fight for freedom so we can have morning in America again. Join our army of voters on July 13th ."

But wait, there's more. The video's "special Internet bonus features" include Tea Party viral video favorite Lewis Schaeffer singing the fourth verse of the Star Spangled Banner and Barber and Peterson commenting on Glenn Beck's theatrics.

Barber will face Martha Roby in a runoff on July 13 for the GOP nomination to oppose incumbent Alabama Rep. Bobby Bright (D) in November.

Barber defended his use of Nazi imagery, saying "Somebody has to say this. When Hitler took power, no one wanted to think that the Holocaust, the murder of 6 million Jewish people, was possible. I'm saying that you have to recognize and name tyranny when you see it. And I think people are finding out that I'm the candidate who's willing to speak clearly and not be afraid of sounding politically incorrect, and my opponent isn't that candidate."