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The possible McChrystal replacements

NBC's Athena Jones reports that Gen. McChrystal arrived at the White House at around 9:40 am, about 15 minutes after Vice President Biden.

Nobody knows yet if President Obama will relieve the general of his duties, but NBC's Courtney Kube reports on some of the potential replacement names floating around the Pentagon -- if Obama does decide to go that route. Even if the president does not decide to let him go, this could be an important group of people to keep an eye on going forward.

Here are a few possible replacements for General McChrystal that have been floating around the Pentagon this morning:

Three top options:
General James Mattis, Marine Corps, Commander of Joint Forces Command
- General Odierno has been nominated to replace Mattis, but, obviously, has not yet. Mattis was on the very short list to be the next Commandant of the Marine Corps, but was passed over for General Amos several days ago.

Lieutenant General David Rodriguez, Army, Commander International Security Assistance Force Joint Command
- He's one of McChrystal's closest advisers and colleagues, and took the helm as the first Commander of IJC last fall. He's also been the Deputy Commander of US Forces Afghanistan since March. He was Gates' senior military assistant before that and was known to have a very good relationship with Gates.

NOTE: If McChrystal resigns, Rodriguez will likely serve as the interim commander of ISAF, regardless of who's selected.

Martin Dempsey, Army, Commander of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)
- He and General Petraeus have been ships passing in the night for the past several years -- Dempsey served as Acting Commander of CENTCOM for about 6 months in 2008, before Petraeus took the helm. He also took over the police training mission in Iraq from Petraeus in 2007. He's well-respected and was rumored as a name to take the mission last year before McChrystal got the job.

Other possibles (less likely):
Lieutenant General Bill Caldwell, Army, Commander of the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan
- He just took the helm of training the Afghan Security Forces, which is considered a critical mission in Afghanistan, so he's not likely to be pulled out. That being said, he is well-respected and has done multiple deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan, including one year as the spokesperson for Multi-National Forces in Iraq (in other words, he is comfortable with the media).

General Walter "Skip" Sharp, Army, Commander of US Forces Korea
- He's got about 40 years service in the military, has deployed to every major conflict since Bosnia, and even served as Director of the Joint Staff.

NBC's Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd report Obama is expected to speak on camera here at the White House after his 11:35 am meeting with his national security team. No time given yet.

Kube also reports that a senior Pentagon official says he expects the president to make a statement about McChrystal early this afternoon.