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Congress: Pelosi plays hardball

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been playing hardball to try to salvage what she can from the Democrats’ long-stalled jobs agenda. But the California Democrat is testing the limits of her power as she struggles to corral a growing roster of nervous rank-and-filers," Roll Call reports. "Pelosi is used to getting her way. Time and again the influential Speaker has proven her mettle, even in the face of difficult odds. Yet as the clock ticks toward the challenging midterm elections, Pelosi is finding no lift is easy -- whether it be getting her moderates on board for an extension of tax cuts and expired unemployment benefits or a package aimed at rolling back a controversial Supreme Court decision that lifted restrictions on corporate political spending."

"Representative Barney Frank, trying to complete intense negotiations between the House and Senate over a massive revision of financial regulations, is coming under significant lobbying pressure from across the political spectrum as he tries this week to come up with a compromise that can win final approval," the Boston Globe writes.

"The Senate confirmed 64 Obama administration nominees Tuesday, the largest package to move through the chamber this year," Roll Call writes.

"Unlike most lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) is not distancing himself from beleaguered Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas). At least not yet," The Hill reports. "While some GOP lawmakers want Barton removed as the top Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, Stearns is set to appear with the Texas lawmaker at a fundraiser next week."