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Obama: McChrystal showed 'poor judgment'

NBC's Athena Jones reports that President Obama was asked a question at a "pool spray" about whether he'd fire Gen. McChrystal.

Obama declined to say if he would. Instead, he said the following:

He's on his way here. I will meet with him. [Defense Secretary] Gates will meet with him. It's clear the article shows poor judgment, but I also want to make sure I talk to him directly before I make any decisions.

Even as he is on his way, central focus is success in making sure Al Qaeda and affiliates cannot attack us and its allies. People are making enormous sacrifices. So whatever decision I make is determined on making sure we have a strategy that justifies the sacrifice.

NBC's Chuck Todd reports that despite some reports to the contrary, McChrystal has not offered his resignation, according to two senior administration aides. However, he has informed his superiors that he is prepared to do so.

It's semantics to some, but important semantics in this case.

A senior aide also said there is a path for McChrystal to save his job. Everything depends on how the meeting with the president goes tomorrow morning.