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McConnell fires back at Rahm

On the Senate floor this afternoon, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hit White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel over his recent comments that Rep. Joe Barton's (R) controversial apology to BP highlights the GOP's "governing philosophy."

Said McConnell:

Now, I noticed that the President's chief of staff had some ideas over the weekend about how to frame up the November elections. I can't think of a better example of how detached Democrats seem at the moment from the concerns of the American people. Americans want to know what's being done to fix a broken pipe at the bottom of the Gulf - not what's being done to fix the elections. The White House might view the upcoming election as its biggest crisis at the moment. But the American people are focused on fixing this pipe and cleaning up this mess.

Two months of delays and bureaucratic red tape have done nothing to solve this crisis - but they've done a lot to discredit the kind of big-government solutions that Democrats continue to promote. And every day the oil continues to flow is a day Americans' faith in government ebbs.