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The midterms: The re-runs

"Ousted congressmen trying to reclaim their old seats is a hallmark of any election year, but the anti-establishment political climate is adding to the challenge for this year’s class of reruns," The Hill reports. "Five former Republican House members are mounting comeback attempts in 2010, hoping to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction with a sluggish economy and Democratic control of government. Two other GOP ex-congressmen -- Mike Sodrel (Ind.) and Richard Pombo (Calif.) -- have already lost in primaries. On the Democratic side, former Rep. Ed Case (Hawaii) lost in a three-way special election."

COLORADO: Politico reports: "Democratic veterans in Colorado plan to target Republican Senate candidate Jane Norton Friday for posting what they'll call a 'deeply offensive web video that seeks to exploit the tragic events of September 11th and politicize the brave service of our men and women in uniform.' In the video, Norton warns that 'liberals in Washington seem to have forgotten' -- at which point the screen goes dark, and the sound of airplane jets is briefly heard before Norton returns to view and concludes: 'But we haven't. Let's win the war on terror.'" Here's the Norton video, which at about 30 seconds in, you hear the planes flying. The ticking is reminiscent of Tom Tancredo's ad that depicts a mall about to explode.)

FLORIDA: "While it’s not surprising for candidates in a tight race to sling mud at each other, Florida real estate mogul Jeff Greene took the unusual step Thursday of buying television advertising in the Washington, D.C. market," CQ Politics writes. "The ads are directed at the House ethics committee. Greene, who is running for the Democratic Senate nomination, wants the committee to open an investigation into his primary opponent, Rep. Kendrick B. Meek."

NEVADA: Sharron Angle hasn't taken questions from the traditional media. She took a few yesterday at a local event and had a rough time trying to explain (or not explain) her views on "transitioning out" of Social Security and creating personal accounts despite the 2008 financial collapse, eliminating the EPA during the Gulf oil spill, and a previous statement in which she said, "If this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking towards those Second Amendment remedies." According to the local reporter, her campaign later called him an "idiot" and "another term that can't be repeated." (Hat tip: Political Wire.)

The left-leaning Web site Talking Points Memo unearths a 2004 questionnaire in which Angle said she was undecided about the Patriot Act and "she supported making campaign spending reports '100% voluntary.'"

OKLAHOMA: Rep. Mary Fallin looks on track to be the state's next governor. She leads her GOP primary opponents and Democrats in the general election in a new Sooner poll.

SOUTH CAROLINA: "S.C. Democrats rejected a protest of last week’s U.S. Senate primary vote tonight, meaning unknown Alvin Greene, who is facing a felony obscenity charge, is set to represent the party against Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint," The State writes. The party's executive committee "voted 33-7 to uphold the election result." http://bit.ly/aAdMAc

Here's the (Columbia) State's lead: "State Rep. Nikki Haley of Lexington County says she is not as close with Gov. Mark Sanford as many think." The paper lists "40 things you should know about her." On Thursday, the paper did 40 things to know about Rep. Gresham Barrett.

AP also profiles Haley: "Just months ago, Haley, 38, was an obscure state lawmaker. Now she's the odds-on favorite to become the state's first female governor. ... Haley is set to appear Friday with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, who has battled multiple sclerosis and other health problems and doesn't campaign frequently. On the trip with them: Attorney General Henry McMaster, a former state GOP chairman who had been seen as the man to beat but came in third in the primary. Haley will also be joined on the campaign trail by Jenny Sanford, ex-wife of Gov. Mark Sanford, who became hugely popular here after her husband disappeared from the state last summer and returned to confess an affair with an Argentine woman."

UTAH: Roll Call previews Tuesday's runoff between attorney Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater, who has Bob Bennett's endorsement: "With just five days to go, the GOP Senate primary in Utah between businessman Tim Bridgewater and lawyer Mike Lee is getting nasty -- at least by Beehive State standards. Lee’s campaign has challenged Bridgewater’s conservative credentials by insisting that his business interests were built with government earmarks and stimulus money. Some Lee backers are also drawing connections between Bridgewater and a controversial mailer that was distributed in the days before the convention that used a picture of Lee and the Mormon Temple.”