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After meeting, Dems agree only on another meeting

There was only one thing Senate Democrats reached consensus on at the conclusion of their closed door meeting on how to move forward on energy/climate change legislation: to have another meeting next week.

Majority Leader Harry Reid said the hour long meeting was consumed by the presentations of various bills, but left no time for questions or discussion. Sens. Bingaman, Cantwell, Kerry/Lieberman, and Boxer made presentations of their bills.

At a news conference with the senators, Reid acknowledged the challenge of trying to draft legislation that members of his party could coalesce.

"There are many strong passions and arguments about the best way to achieve these goals and I'm always focused on what is possible, that's why I'm going to work with these ladies and gentlemen behind me," he said.

But with only 59 votes in his caucus, Reid said he'd also need the "cooperation of brave Republicans."

A bipartisan group of senator have been invited to the White House next week to discuss the issue.