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Holder defends role in BP escrow fund

At a press conference this morning in Washington, Attorney General Eric Holder responded to the accusations of a "shakedown" regarding the BP deal and the meeting at the White House.

He said:

"The criminal investigations and the civil investigations, those are walled off. The Justice Department, in the person of Tom Perelli, the associate attorney general, was very intimately involved in working out the deal with BP.

Let me be clear: I don't apologize for the justice department's role in this matter. And I don't apologize for the way in which this administration has approached this question. We have dealt with this issue I think in a tough way, to ensure that Americans who did no wrong will be compensated, that we do all that we can to protect our environment and that not a penny comes from american taxpayers to do both of those things. So I think what we have done has been entirely appropriate."