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Hearing as campaign soundbites? Not exactly

The strong words of the House members sternly quizzing BP CEO Tony Hayward today may seem made for a soaringly soundtracked “Your Congressperson fights for you” campaign ad.

But most of the lawmakers basking in today’s news spotlight appear to be pretty safe when it comes to the November election.

Of the 19 members of the House investigations subcommittee hosting the hearing (counting ex officio members), only two are running for re-election in seats not rated as “solid” by the Cook Political Report.

(Cook rates the race in Arkansas’ 4th district, where Democrat Mike Ross of Arkansas will face former Huckabee aide Beth Anne Rankin in the November election, as “likely D.” Rep. Betty Sutton of Ohio is heading into what’s shaping up to look like a tough race against car dealer Tom Ganley.)

Two of the members of the subcommittee who could have faced electoral woes are retiring. After becoming a flashpoint for activists on both sides of the abortion debate, subcommittee chairman Bart Stupak of Michigan announced in April that he would not run again. And committee member Rep. Parker Griffith, who switched parties to become a Republican last December, lost his Alabama GOP primary on June 1.