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Brown won't support 'cap-and-trade'; will hoop it up

Republican Sen. Scott Brown will get his wish this summer to play hoops with the president.

"He actually said we can play basketball," Brown said, referring to one of the takeaways from his meeting at the White House today with President Obama.

There, however, was some substance out of the meeting.

Brown said his meeting with the president covered a host of issues, but the oil spill and energy/climate legislation seemed to dominate. The Massachusetts senator said he made it clear that he would not support legislation offered by Democrats that caps emmissions.

"I told him I'm not in favor nor could I support a national energy tax or a 'cap and trade' proposal," he told reporters outside the Senate chamber. "But I'm very excited about working with him in a bipartisan manner to come up with a comprehensive energy plan."

Brown suggested new legislation address wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, geo-thermal, and grants/loans for businesses.

"I told him take the best from each bill [that's been offered by Senators]: from Lugar, from Murkowski, from Kerry," Brown said, "and pull together a bill that everyone can support."